Normally this never happens to me….today I have not one, but two topics I want to talk about. I’ve invented another word for this…Blogblend. I’m adding that to the list of Annette Mori words and now I have: Romash, Inebetweenquel, Instafacetweet and Blogblend.


A Blogbled is a blending of two or more completely different topics in a blog. Technically this blog has three: 1) The introduction of the term Blogblend; 2) The increasingly irritating practice of starting Christmas celebrations and decorations before fully experiencing the best holiday, Thanksgiving; and 3) A new political party…Hippocrats.


Let’s start with number 3 because I am still laughing about that one. Besides, we already covered number one and number 2 I want to save for last. The other day I was talking to my sister and brother in law and he cracked me up when he said he was going to be the founder of a new political party named, Hippocrats. I was so darn proud of him for following in my footsteps and inventing not only a new word but a whole new political party. Now, of course, he would argue that this party already exists, they’re just mostly calling themselves Republicans.


So what is a Hippocrat? A Hippocrat is a politician who aligns with the Republican Party as a fiscal and social conservative, espousing values of Christianity and fiscal restraint, but votes for a tax package that increases the debt by over a trillion dollars and doesn’t denounce a pedophile or pussy grabbing President. Most of the evangelicals are staunchly behind Roy Moore…likely a pedophile. That, to me, is downright astounding. Many of those same Christians who spout family values conveniently ignore a President who brags about grabbing a woman’s pussy. It is clear to me that all of these Republications need to jump ship and join the Hippocrat party. Their leader will, of course, be Donald Trump.

Now on to my personal pet peeve. When did it become fashionable to blow by Thanksgiving and start putting out the Christmas decorations in November? I think we should pass a law that no-one can even talk about Christmas until December 1st. It can’t be any crazier than the laws Trump is trying to get through. Now I’m not some lesbian Grinch, I just want my favorite holiday not to feel that blatant discrimination.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. I’ve written several Christmas shorts because I do love the holiday, but I feel bad for Thanksgiving. Even though theoretically we could remember it for several days, maybe for even a week or more with all the leftover turkey that hangs out in our refrigerators or freezers. Maybe that’s the reason the holiday is dissed.  People are so damn sick of turkey they want to move on as quickly as possible. I have a solution for that…adopt our new tradition and go out to eat, but dammit, don’t talk about Christmas plans while enjoying your dinner with family and friends!


Speaking of Christmas, which I can now officially talk about since it is December 1…Affinity Rainbow Publications has an anthology called Christmas Medley and it’s live today!  Click the link to download your copy. Juliet and Tanner from Captivated made an appearance and the story has my special brand of fun and quirk! The other stories are equally awesome.

2017 xmas cover

Wanna go back and give Thanksgiving fair treatment, check out my short story titled The Thanksgiving Baby Caper with the characters from Asset Management and The Organization…or feel free to check out any of my books by clicking the links below!


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