I wasn’t going to write a blog today because I already have a guest blog coming out from I Heart Lesfic which I will share with everyone here.  Here is the link to that blog:  I Heart Lesfic Guest Blog.  Then I got to thinking that maybe I’d do a short one. Isn’t it cool that you get two blogs in one!


So, I was joking with one of my betas (behind the scenes), who is trying to help me grow as a writer. She’s really good because she pushes me. I’m being a right pain in the ass with her. While I am listening and re-writing portions of the draft, as well as adding to it, I wrote this line to her the other day:  ” You know, no matter what, even a lemon is still a lemon regardless of whether you can make lemonade out of it!”


My point was that I’m not particularly good at writing vivid scenes and even if she helps me make lemonade, I’m still basically a lemon. Let’s take this analogy a bit further. Some people actually like that sour little fruit! So…can I be the lazy blob I desperately want to be sometimes, and not stretch myself, or should I aspire to become that tasty cool lemonade on a hot day?


I know what I should do, but I’m acting like a two-year-old because I’m tired of the book and want to move to a new project (really short attention span). And that’s all I really wanted to say today!


I’m not going to even try to muster up a vivid way to do some shameless promotion. I’ll simply beg and implore you to buy my new book, Unconventional Lovers,  because I actually care a great deal about this one.  You know the drill…click the links below!



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2 thoughts on “Lemons

  1. I must have an overactive imagination then because I have no trouble picturing the scenes in your books. As a matter of fact I am using some of your writing style to try and improve my own.


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