Humble & Kind

This past week has been quite an eventful one for me.  Three major items have taken up space in my brain: 1) The release of my favorite baby, Unconventional Lovers; 2) Coming out to my boss and assistant and; 3)  Planning and preparing for the annual hospital banquet.


Let’s start with #3 because the title of this blog originates from a Tim McGraw country song and ties into our banquet planning. Before I started at Forks, there was a beloved employee who passed away shortly after receiving the Employee of the Month award. We were preparing the slideshow and wanted to include some pictures of him to honor his memory. Forks is a rural community and the hospital is small and family like. There are numerous connections with cousins, spouses, sisters, brothers, mothers (you get the drift) all working at the hospital. His wife still works for the hospital and will be at the banquet. We needed a song that would be perfect for him and since he was a huge country music fan we landed on Humble and Kind.

humble and kind1

I downloaded the song from iTunes and I am sure my wife is asking, “What the hell?” I don’t particularly enjoy country music and neither does my wife. That is the only thing we agree on when it comes to music. She likes that jazz fusion crap. I think it sounds like a bunch of egotistical jazz musicians doing their own thing because surely they are the brilliant star in the group. I digress….


Anyway, that stupid song got stuck in my head and I can’t shake it. Yet, it got me to thinking, where I’ve landed is the epitome of humble and kind. Culture starts at the top. Like Peter Drucker says, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” In my short time, the CEO has shown me time and again how humble and kind he is. That’s how I would describe the organization, humble and kind.


When I stumbled over my words and came out to him. He was so wonderful and gracious. He made it a point to state there are several gay couples in the organization who are “well-loved and embraced.” His words. The hospital is truly like a family who embraces and protects their own. Sure, like every family we have our issues because families tend to get all up in each other’s business. That’s how small organizations operate. But…I will take that family type atmosphere any day of the week over an inconsequential number. Forks suits me.


That brings me to #1. Over the last week, the outpouring of kindness from readers has truly humbled me. Many have mentioned my book and encouraged others to read it. I am embracing that kindness regardless of whether I deserve it or not.

humble and kind

I try very hard to be humble and kind and sometimes I stumble. I joked about being a cranky pants because I didn’t want to spend more time re-working my current WIP. Although, I know I need to. I do hope my crankiness has not negatively affected anyone in my close circle of pals. That would be the opposite of kindness. Side note: Let’s be honest my crankiness is completely related to the fact that I haven’t seen my wife in 3 weeks and won’t get to see her until February 10th.



I have renewed faith in human kindness after this past week. Not everyone is a bigoted, loud-mouthed racist, sexist, homophobe. Those individuals are not the majority and we will prevail in the mid-term elections. Always stay humble and kind, so that you may add, not subtract to the world.


I humbly ask you to give my book a try because I believe Unconventional Lovers carries a beautiful message about love and acceptance.

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3 thoughts on “Humble & Kind

  1. I love this blog. (I also love country music) Gail not. Humble and kind is a beautiful song for the co -worker who passed. His wife will love it. I am still waiting for Gail to finish the book again. (The Nook keeps going to the page she’s on and messes me up. Can’t wait to read it. Hope time goes quickly so you can see Jody. It’s a bummer to be apart but retirement is coming. Then together all the time. I love this weeks blog. Have a great weekend. ❤️✌️😺

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  2. It’s so good to hear that your accidental coming out wasn’t met with criticism, but with kindness. Sometimes we forget, but the world isn’t full of monsters. Most people are basically decent, and I’m glad you met some in Forks who can make you feel like home.


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