Accidental Humorist


I’ve never once considered myself an author who writes romantic comedy. Yet in one week’s time, I will be sitting in front of real people with that deer in the headlights look as I try to cobble together my thoughts on humor in lesfic. I was put on this panel at the Lonestar Lesfic Conference in Austin probably because I answered an outrageous challenge and on a lark submitted a short story for the Anthology called Coochie Couch. I think I may or may not have written something about not knowing whether to lick or f@$% it (see picture below to understand the line). Apparently the short is considered a humorous tale and some thought it would be a nice addition to the anthology. I’ve often wondered are people laughing with me or at me? To hide my nervousness, I babble. Ironically it does not at all hide the nervousness, but rather puts a big, fat, frickin’ spotlight on it. It’s not a pretty sight at all!

vagina couch

One of my favorite topics to poke fun at is myself. I am a goober personified and have never, ever, tried to hide that. How could I? The quirkiness nearly oozes from my pores. It bubbles over so much that sometimes that quirk finds itself inside the pages of my books.


When people say my books are funny or that they make them laugh out loud, I want to know where.  I envision myself as the author version of Inspector Clouseau from the famous Pink Panther movies. Any success I have at creating humor in my books is purely by accident. I ask where the book was funny because I’d love to find the magic formula to writing romantic comedy. If in some small part I’ve already achieved that, I want to know how to do it again.


Recently, I wrote a novella with Ali Spooner called Free to Love. My part of the book is without any quirk whatsoever. Consequently, the book was serious and a departure from my usual style. I wonder if that will impact sales.  I guess people don’t like it when you deviate from what they have come to expect from you. Although, one reader did say she would have known who wrote which part without our names attached. So, I guess an author cannot completely stray from their style of writing.  I worry that because it is a historical romance, even with the powerhouse name of Ali Spooner and a contemporary twist at the end, the historical part will turn people off.  So far the book has received positive reviews, so I sure hope y’all will give it a read. The first part is classic Ali and I know she has a ton of fans. I’ll take any success achieved by riding on those huge coattails…


If anyone is near Austin on April 7th, please join us at Lonestar. Oh…and go ahead and laugh at the trainwreck that is me sitting on the panel babbling about absolutely nothing important because that’s what I do sometimes. I’ll tell myself you’re laughing with me!


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