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Side Topic: Okay I am going to take a short diversionary journey right now because I’m on a mission. I’ve been joking lately about breaking the plexiglass ceiling by having a lesbian romance cover finally make it into the top three. Plexiglass because it seems so much harder and more difficult to break than its more fragile cousin, glass. I have over 2,000 Facebook followers, over 300 followers to my page, over 500 on my mailing list and a good number of Twitter followers. So I thought piece of cake, slice of pie, right? I’ve been singing the song We Are Family by Sister Sledge believing this was possible. You know, because I got all my sisters and me. I only needed about 300 total votes to catch up and make it to the top three (the ultimate goal). Late breaking news: I have 211 votes and sit at #10.  I figure I’ll need another 100 when all is said and done.  So how about it my Sisters?  It’s FREE and EASY to vote….You are two clicks away!  Let’s bust open that plexiglass my lesbian sisters!


Unconventional Lovers
Unconventional Lovers


Now here is the real blog!  Two weeks ago I proofread a new book coming out from Goldie Award-winning author, JM Dragon. She and I share the excitement over the science fiction sub-genre.  Her newest book, Tempest lands squarely into this category and it is awesome.

The Tempest

A few years back, I listened to Radcliffe who reinforced the notion that Romance was indeed Queen in lesfic.  I didn’t like hearing that because I knew that meant that most of what Publishers would choose to support was Romance and there would undoubtedly continue to be slim pickings for those of us that drool over science fiction.


Now, I’m not suggesting that JM Dragon or any other person who loves science fiction is some kind of geeky outlier, but well…the data doesn’t lie. Of course, that is a completely geeky thing to say…and, of course, I resemble that comment.


I decided to ask for some help and put a call out for those unknown nuggets I knew were out there, because I could only come up with a handful of authors that wrote lesfic science fiction.  I explicitly did not want fantasy, speculative, paranormal, dystopian, or the cousin to fantasy, urban fantasy.  I didn’t want anything other than lesfic (yup lesbians only, sorry my blog, my choice). Sometimes, people tend to lump them all into the same category or sneak in all science fiction with definitely non-lesbian main characters (probably because they are scarce).  I love my go-to Facebook groups because they are always willing to help out. There were several authors I’d read and forgotten about and a few authors I’d read, but not their science fiction books. I was pleasantly surprised. Yet, I suspect, if I had more time and collected data on all the true lesfic science fiction, the list would support the data Radcliffe provided, lesfic science fiction is a small percentage of the total lesfic available to us avid readers.

I was amazed at the number of authors who have specifically ventured into this bold frontier (had to use a Star Trek saying). Initially, I was going to list all of them, but then the list became way too long, so just know there are a lot to choose from, even though I had these narrow criteria. I wanted space, aliens, futuristic technology with women loving women. Now don’t get me wrong, I love dystopian, fantasy, speculative, paranormal, etc. but those sub-genres deserve their own blog! I also wanted to only include female authors who were brave enough to categorize their work under lesbian fiction because we get overlooked too often.


Some of you might not know that I took a stab at my own lesfic science fiction novel, which admittedly is probably considered sci-fi light. The other big players in the sub-genre are letting me play and be a part of this exciting project called the lesfic sampler sci-fi edition. I’ve included a teaser from Out of This World which is my science fiction contribution to lesfic.  The sampler is coming out on April 1st and I think y’all should definitely check it out! Let your geek flag fly high and proud.

SocialMediaSquareLook for more information on this and a link to the Sampler….Coming SOON

Here’s the shamless promotion…Now you know I don’t just write Sci-Fi, Dystopian, or Fantasy. I’ve almost ventured into every subgenre…so feel free to check out my other books while you’re looking at the Sci-Fi Sampler.

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