#MoistWeek…A Shower of Wet Fun….


I hope everyone has had a bit of fun with #MoistWeek.  Even I have limits and I just couldn’t extend this week to a full seven days. So…today marks the end of #MoistWeek. But, as promised I’ve combined a few previous challenges into a brand new scene, highlighting the word moist, with another cringe-worthy scene clip I wrote as a result of a challenge.  I always thought that someday I might revisit the characters in The Couchie Couch and the close of #MoistWeek has provided the perfect opportunity.

vagina couch

Before I share this new scene with you, some people have asked why “moist” is such a problem for readers. I haven’t quite received any logical responses. Although, I must admit I don’t use the word very often, especially inside of intimate scenes. I haven’t dug deep enough to really understand why. As someone so aptly pointed out, I grew up with Duncan Hines cake and the commercials boldly pronounced how moist the cake was. When did the word start to make people cringe I wonder?


Now y’all know me by now…of course, I had to google it. Can you believe there was actually a scientific study about why people are bothered by the word “moist”?


Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of my in-depth research (he he he):

  • A whopping 18% of people have a “categorical aversion” to the word.  Now I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it wasn’t simply that they didn’t like the word…they actually had a “categorical aversion” to it! In a different website, the number stated 20% of the population were adverse to the word and found it distasteful. I know….can you believe there was not one, but at least two studies on the word “moist”.  Seriously people, don’t we have better ways to spend our science dollars?
  • “Disgust is adaptive. If we didn’t have an instinct to run away from vomit and diarrhea, disease would spread more easily” – Paul Thibodeau, Psychologist at Ohio’s Oberline College (where the study was done).  Apparently, people associate the word “moist” to bodily functions, including sex, and that makes the word uncomfortable to them when used in those contexts.
  • Sophie did a poll for lesfic readers and it seems as though we have a much greater tolerance for the word because only a combined 17% percent either did not like the word when related to sex or when combined with “panties”. Not one person hated the word or considered it vomit inducing!
  •  New Yorker readers answered the call to a twitter game where the magazine asked readers to propose a single word that should be eliminated from the English language. Yup…you guessed it, the runaway favorite was the word “moist”.  Afterward, Jimmy Fallon sarcastically thanked it for being the worst word in the English language.
  • The word “moist” when used to describe cake is apparently more acceptable. Mmmmmm…..cake. I guess the influence of Duncan Hines blunts the aversion…somewhat!
  • There is a YouTube video explaining our society’s aversion to the word. Will our obsession never end? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epdXSeYhYx4
  • Now for the most important factoid that I learned in my search…There is an actual thing called Moist Monday…who knew? Apparently, Moist Monday is when people bring in baked goods to share and of course….they have to be moist! Now, who wouldn’t appreciate that!


Now for the awesome videos shared by Facebook friends – sincere thanks for getting into the spirit…

Thanks to Kay Meurig-Bowden for supplying this little gem (although I have no idea what plinth is):  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HgGcwbtQTss

Thanks to Kimberly Cooper Griffin for her video from one of my all time favorite shows…Dead Like Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYH52hRbwJg

Now without further ado…here is the scene I wrote just for all you followers of my blog!

Hillary’s feet were propped on the mauve sofa with the ribald patterns. The couch had shocked Ginny when she’d come home after hitting the bar before spending her first night in their shared apartment.

Hillary was reading a book on her e-reader when she blurted out, “Oh my God, listen to this.” She paused and waited for Ginny to tear her eyes from her laptop. “Through the cameltoe in Heaven’s panties, Maya could almost see the dewey moist folds in her dripping love cave.” She made a face and continued. ”That is some cringe-worthy descriptors. Ew, dewey moist folds. I despise the word, moist.”

“Seriously, Hillary. Out of that entire passage, moist is the most offensive word to you.” Ginny laughed.

“Yeah, why?”

Ginny shook her head. “Um…how about dripping love cave?”

“What’s wrong with that?” Hillary crinkled her nose in confusion. “Yuk, you are not going to believe what comes next.”

“I’m waiting on pins and needles, do tell,” Ginny replied sarcastically.

Hillary glared at Ginny but proceeded to share the scene. “She hoped Heaven’s juices would run down her inner thighs so that she could taste the honey-dipped petals and lick her tiny pearl beneath the soft moist moss.” Hillary made a barfing sound. “I’m thinking there should be a law against using the word moist, but shit this author did it twice in one paragraph. It’s blasphemy.”

“Again, moist is the most offensive word, really? I’m thinking honey dipped petals is a bit over the top. Don’t you agree?”

“Nope, kinda like that. I can almost taste the sweet honey. It’s good that the writer attempted to engage my other senses.”

“I don’t even know why I’m surprised. We are sitting on a vagina patterned couch. In fact, I think my back is currently rubbing against one of the clits. Maybe if I continue to caress that spot with my back, the couch will become moist with need.” Ginny shot Hillary an evil grin.

“Stop it. That’s not very nice.  I thought you loved this couch?”

“No, honey. I love you and you came with the couch. It was a package deal.”

“Well, then you better not say moist ever again. Ick, I hate even speaking that disgusting word. If you continue, you’re not getting any tonight.”

Ginny groaned. “Okay, then what do I say when I’m getting all moi—“

“Don’t even think about going there. I mean it. What’s wrong with wet?”

“Okay, come on and sit on my lap so I can touch those honey dipped petals surrounding your love cave. I’m gonna make you so wet, you’ll have to change your panties.” Hillary waggled her eyebrows.

Hillary laughed and smacked Ginny on the arm. “I don’t particularly like the word panties either.”

“You are a strange one.”

“Yeah, but I’m your strange one.”


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