Binge Worthy

I enjoy bingeing on TV shows and serial novels. Part of the draw for me is learning how a favorite character’s life turns out. Even when a book has a happily ever after epilogue, I know that life continues for the main characters and I am compelled to read more. It’s like Christmas when I discover a new nugget of information in the next book.


I’ve been binge reading Max Ellendale’s books including all the ones she advertises as being “in the same universe.” I love that phrase. It got me to thinking of some of my books that are in the same universe and others that I’ve decided are not really in the same universe, but maybe in the same galaxy. See how I weaved in a new saying?


So….what do I mean about in the same galaxy? Sometimes, I like to sneak in a cameo, or weave a mention of a character from one book into a different novel. The characters don’t have the same prominence as when I purposely combine characters from different books into a new book, like I’ve done with The Book Witch. Instead, I simply sneak them into a book. I’m not sure if a reader realizes I’ve done this or not.


For example, have any of you noticed that Codee from The Termination is mentioned in Unconventional Lovers? Or, how about how in The Book Addict, Elle sends Tanya into a scene from The Dream Catcher? Of course, later I combine the two series and have a character from Asset Management and The Organization come to life in The Book Witch. But…I also have Tanya have a mini fantasy about Val from The Organization while she’s reading that book.


My latest novel has Lara Beck from The Ultimate Betrayal make a cameo appearance. In this novel, the reader learns one more piece of information about Lara and Dillon, a character from the free short story,  Broken Toe, Mended Heart. The short was sent out as a thank you to my mailing list subscribers. Someone challenged me to write a BDSM short and I can’t resist a challenge. I created this short to advance the story of Lara Beck just a smidgeon. I’m going to share a snippet, but not reveal the new piece of information….Hopefully that will entice you to get A Window to Love when it comes out on June 1st!

Window (1)

Mandie’s mouth hung open, as she realized Seattle’s power couple and two of the richest women in the country were standing in front of her. Photos didn’t do either of them justice.

“Oh…um…it’s…uh an honor to meet you both.”

“You’ve done it again, hon,” Dillon said.

“Done what?” Lara answered.

“Rendered someone speechless.” Dillon threw her head back and laughed.

“I feel confident it was you who rendered the lovely Mandie speechless.” Lara turned her penetrant gaze back to Mandie. “I’d like to purchase the piece in the far back room and any others in the series, if you have more. I suspect there is quite a story behind that photo.”

“I don’t know if there are others, I haven’t gotten around to developing the rest of the film. The canister was damaged and the drug store…uh…declined to develop the other prints.”

A salacious grin formed on Lara’s beautiful face. “Now that sounds far too tempting not to explore. I’ll buy a photo lab and personally see to the development of those negatives, as long as I have first crack at the pictures.”

Mandie could feel the color drain from her face. “I’d better develop them myself and take a peek before I offer them up for sale.” Intuitively, she knew they were for her eyes only. She wasn’t sure when that insight had come to her, but there was not a doubt in her mind those pictures would never be a part of any future show. She’d never sell them to anyone.

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