A very dear reader shared this word with me because she said it reminded her of the characters in my books. My very first reaction was to write a blog about it because how else would I be able to honor a word so deliciously fabulous? Then I began to second guess myself because that is one of my many flaws, a healthy dose of insecurity at times. I wondered how in the world could I write an entire blog about one word. A frickin’ brilliant word, but still.


Finally, I decided what the hell, I can write a blog with just about anything as the central theme. I’ve done it before, I can do it again. Because you see, that is another prominent flaw, my propensity for verbal diarrhea that I absolutely embrace as if it were a long lost cousin, from Italy…a place I may retire to because they have fabulous food and wine. And there you have it…another rabbit hole.


Back to flawsome. There were many different definitions and I would be remiss if I did not include every single one. So here they all are in their unvarnished flawsomeness:

  • Something that is totally awesome, but not without its flaws. Example: Jumping from an airplane after losing your job like in A Window to Love.
  • You are awesome and wonderful even if you do have flaws. Example: Every single character in every single book I’ve ever written! Oh and maybe I could even be considered flawsome! An addendum to this definition was to celebrate your flaws and be proud of them because nobody is perfect.
  • An individual who embraces their flaws and knows they are awesome regardless. This is the one the reader shared with me.
  • It’s your flaws that make you perfect.
  • Combination of ‘flaw’ and ‘awesome’ meaning the opposite of ‘awesome’, often used in situations where one cannot foresee the reaction of others hearing the statement as one can easily claim to actually have said ‘awesome’. I don’t think it is any great surprise, I’m not partial to this definition. Here was the example used:

Girl: Honey, I am pregnant!
Guy: Flawesome!
Girl: What?
Guy: I said awesome!


After Googling the word, I learned that the model Tyra Banks began using that phrase as far back as 2014 and did a solid for all women by talking about body image in a People Magazine article. Noteworthy in that article was the notion that we should neither subscribe to stick thin or the notion that real women have curves. Instead, an encouragement to embrace ourselves exactly as we are and being okay with it. A perfect body does not exist.


I am literally jumping for joy right now to have a word to describe the subtle or not so subtle subtext in many of my books. I crave flawsome characters. I seek them out. I write about them. I often describe beauty and desire outside of societal conventions and I want the world to do the same. Why? Because if readers can embrace unconventional characters as flawsome, they will be able to see their own flawsomeness and know deep within their bones how truly wonderful they are just exactly the way they are. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t believe everyone should strive to learn and grow and become the very best person they can be, but certainly giving ourselves a little grace is something to strive for.


I hope you will choose to get to know some of my flawsome characters. I think a few of them are worth spending time with. Simply click the links below and enter my world, flaws in all manner of awesomeness.

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