A Collective Breath

In four short days, there is the possibility that the world will hear the collective exhale in the United States. Our face might look like that map of the electorate that CNN has been showing for weeks, Red, Purple, Blue, until finally we’re able to breathe again and not have to see the map for four more years.

After a roller coaster ride, we may know the outcome of our election. Unfortunately, that will not stop the worry that has spread like the pandemic over these past several months. Regardless of the outcome, there is a lot of concern. The doomsday scenarios are endless. Perhaps what will come to pass is that a whole lot of fear mongering and radical chatter (on both sides) will turn out to be a big nothing burger. But, I have my doubts. Either way, as a nation we’ve lost a lot.

There’s a lot that keeps me up at night, and has ever since our nation started traveling this path. Even if democracy prevails, there is a real possibility that our nation will be sent into chaos. I don’t believe we will have a lame duck president after the election. When a narcissistic sociopath who has shown his vindictive side holds the highest office in the land, there is a lot he can do in two and a half short months. Will we heal after he’s done his best to ignite his base, fire all the civil servants who aren’t loyalists, challenge every state he loses in court, actively torpedo the economy, and work against keeping the pandemic from continuing to bring unparalleled death? Yes, I believe we will.

The first step is removing him from office. Since congress was not able to do that, it falls on the people to vote him out. I can hardly believe this is even a close race. He has shown how far he is willing to go off the rails with not one person able to stop him. It’s up to us now. I won’t list all the ways he’s shown his utter disrespect for the people and for the constitution, those who agree with me, can already cite the list and those who support him will probably never see the truth. But, history will. History will shed light on this dark era, and it will not be kind to the masses who followed him like the cult or mafia leader he is. He will be remembered as the US Hitler who never quite made the grade. His followers will be compared to the German people who turned a blind eye.

After I exhale, I will finally be able to return to more light-hearted blogs about silly things like bras and vibrators. And, the readers can hopefully look forward to reading again and hopefully checking out my books which have a decidedly lighter tone than some of my blogs of late. If you want to check them out when you exhale, feel free to click the links below.

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2 thoughts on “A Collective Breath

  1. I, for one, am definitely ready to hear your take on bras and vibrators again instead of the weekly summation of “What’s the lunatic said/done this week?” It says a lot when nobody gets shocked by his erratic behavior anymore. Between this election and moving, I sleep maybe three hours at night, and that’s collectively. Maybe America has learned its lesson about electing carnival barkers for president. That social experiment derailed right out of the station.


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