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Although the election drama is the gift that keeps on giving (sarcasm here), I promised I would return to more light-hearted blogs…so…welcome to my return to one of my favorite topics. This past week, I saw Nancy Ann Healy’s post on a vibrator called, Little Bird that syncs with erotica books. Of course, I just had to Google that because, damn, I wanted to check that little baby out for myself. What a wonderful way to enjoy erotica!

My first question is how in the world did they come up with the name Little Bird. Take a look at the picture below and you tell me if a bird is the first word that comes to mind. I mean, come on…I could maybe envision, Little Spoon, or the Little Driver (kind of looks like a golf driver to me) in honor of Dina Shore our favorite lesbian golfer.

E. Sensory is the French company that debuted Little Bird back in 2016 as the world’s first smart vibrator linked to their special library of erotic e-books. I wonder what constitutes a dumb vibrator? Apparently, all you need to do is shake your e-reader and then no shit, caress or a blow on the screen, and bam up pops the text which triggers the Little Bird’s vibrations as you read the story. Well, hello there, sign me up!

Since the choice for erotica is limited, I had to research whether there were any lesbian or WLW erotica books available. I went so far as to try to download the B.Sensory App onto my iPad. Much to my dismay, I learned the app was removed from the Apple Store. Wah, wah, wah. Apparently, the company never quite got their product out there, but I did find a competitor.

Vibease has a vibrator that syncs with erotica audiobooks and guess what? It’s on sale. Yup, your welcome, a 25% sale for Thanksgiving so y’all have something to be thankful for. I was a little disappointed it wouldn’t link with an e-book because I prefer reading, but alas, something is better than nothing. And, you will be happy to know there are lesbian or WLW options.

I sent a direct message to my friend Paris Rivera who writes Lesbian and WLW erotica (she has audio options). I thought this would be a new revenue stream for her and increase her sales at least tenfold. So here’s my plea…all you authors who write lesbian and WLW erotica, please contact Vibease because I want more options before I even think about buying this device that looks more like a teenager’s phone from the seventies, than a proper vibrator!

I may not write pure erotica, but have on occasion ventured into steamy sex scenes after pushing myself to branch out a bit and answer a few challenges from readers! If you want to check out my books, feel free to click the links below. Pleasure Workers is probably my steamiest.

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3 thoughts on “Next Generation Erotica

  1. Things are looking up! I’m now 73 and 30 years ago I was in therapy to heal from childhood sexual abuse. I did a lot of journaling and began to write healing poetry for myself (which I shared with a few people). Had I ever published that work, I was going to dedicate it to my dad’s other victims because there were several that I knew of. I remember joking with a couple of friends that I was going to some poetry about my vibrator! I never got around to writing those poems but the vibrators have served me well for a long time. Needless to say, I enjoyed your post and might check out the products. ~ Sharlie Mello


    1. Hi, Sharlie! I just wanted to say, as another childhood sexual abuse survivor (my apologies if you do not use the word “survivor” – I do not mean to force it on anyone!), and with our “names” being similar – yours being jurne2be (love it!) and mine being janbeee2 – I know, *somewhat* similar….yay for you for going into therapy to heal! I did, too, though I also was fortunate enough to find some really good self-help books and such.

      I love this post, too!


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