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I’m scheduled to get my second COVID vaccine today. My rapidly firing brain, that often takes me on tangents got me to thinking, how will future authors represent this time in history? Truth is certainly stranger than fiction and if they get it right, it might read like a horror novel or science fiction story gone awry. Or, and this is the scariest part, it could simply represent an accurate reflection of how our world, and specifically the US ended up so utterly f—cked. Few have taken the plunge to write about COVID because it is still a sore spot for most of us, but perhaps given a few years, more will venture into the almost forbidden territory.

Let’s consider some of the unprecedented events of the past five years. The American voters put into power a reality TV star, megalomaniac, narcistic, self declared p-ssy grabbing president, only to impeach him twice and vote him out after four years. Almost one half of Americans believe not just the big lie, but conspiracy theories that defy all logic even after impeaching this cult leader and voting him out. Speaking of cult leaders, intelligent men and women continue to follow this president in the exact same way a fraction of the world followed Jim Jones. Only this time we aren’t talking about 900 people, we are talking about millions. The latest craziness is the owner of a private school in Miami who believes that a teacher choosing to get the vaccine will harm children. Yep, this is not a typo. She has declared that her teachers cannot return in the fall if they get the vaccine. So many lies continue from the ridiculous, from Biden restricting your burger intake, to the more destructive one, that racism does not exist anymore and it’s the white Christians who are now being discriminated against. No matter how many times it is reported that the biggest threat to the US is domestic terrorism spurned by white supremacy and nationalism touted by the past president, millions will not accept this truth, preferring to cling to the lies.

I won’t be around in fifty years to read what future authors write about this period in my life, but then again, maybe nobody will. The way people are quick to believe lies, our propensity for self destructive may be an inevitable conclusion. Perhaps we will no longer have a dystopian subgenre, it will instead be considered historical fiction…recording what actually happened to our world. In two months, my dystopian novel, The Others, will come out, and while the reason for the destruction of civilization is not a pandemic in my novel, I’d rather it not become historical fiction. While you are waiting for this action packed novel, perhaps you will decide to partake in my sweeter romances. You know the drill…just click the buttons below. Great reviews are coming in for Sculpting Her Heart, which I consider one of my best novels. Additionally, Locked Inside is now out in audible and is also getting rave reviews, including from some of my heroines in the writing world, like Lee Winter. I can’t think of a better marketing tool than praise from her!

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