Fake It Til You Make It

Yesterday I posted about my mini-block on what to write my Friday Blog on, and I received this hilarious video about people faking it with style. Here is a link to the video: Fake It Of course I joked about how I’ve never once been able to avoid catastrophe when I’ve fallen, bumped into a wall, fainted, etc. Style was never in the mix for me. I often write about nerdy or accident prone characters that are based on real live events in my life. I am that nerdy, accident prone person. With zero athleticism, it is highly unlikely I would manage to catch that falling item before it hit the ground. That got me to think about writing and my belief regarding what I’ve been doing these past seven years…faking it. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I’ve been doing that with any more style than my periodic mishaps with walls or the floor.

Sure, I’ve had my successes over the years with several books winning awards and most at least breaking even or making a little money. Even my biggest dud, The Dream Catcher, ironically reached the #1 spot for a nanosecond in the LGBT Science Fiction Category. Does that mean in that instance, I actually managed to Fake It With Style? I never quite know what is the winning formula. The Dream Catcher is one of my favorite books, but despite the positive reviews (a small number), it did not catch (pun intended) on. Every single time I have a new book coming out, I worry myself into a right awful tizzy and second guess whether I can really call myself an author. I’ve just penned my 25th novel, and since hate is such a strong word, let’s just say I haven’t reached the this might be okay stage yet. Recently, I received the highest praise from my editor who stated, “Your stories have always been great, but your mechanics have improved so much. You’re a real writer, my dear.” I nearly plucked the comment right from my laptop and hugged it close to my chest (if only this were possible).

Over the years, many people have assured me that I am a real author, but insecurity is a common phenomenon with us artist types. We’re a squirrely bunch. Certainly not all of us, but I’ve heard from so many who have the same insecurities to believe it’s a thing. Thus, even if I get to the point where I believe I am a real author, I don’t think I’ll ever get to the point where I exhibit that confidence with style. Of course if y’all want to see how I’ve improved over the years, feel free to check out the links below. Oh, and, give The Dream Catcher a try…that book needs love! Don’t forget about the two sale books in Affinity featured in MyLesfic Newsletter: Secret of Stone Creek by Natalie London and After the Dark by Samantha Hicks. Both are great books. Also….Happy Mother’s Day…I almost wrote about that, but honestly every ad I see about Mother’s Day is a stab to my heart because my mother passed many years ago.

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