Winter Vagina

This past week as I was sitting peacefully on the couch reading and playing my online Bingo games, my wife blurted that she knew what I should do for my next blog. After announcing the title of an article she was reading, I couldn’t agree more because I love talking about vaginas! Both of us scan the news every day, but apparently, I had missed this little gem from British Glamour. Here is the link to the article:

In case you don’t want to read the article, I’ve distilled the important bits (pun intended) into four main points:

  1. Like our skin and hair, our vaginas can dry out in the wintertime, but not because of the weather. The culprits are additional layers of clothing, hot baths, and cranking up the heat. This all wreaks havoc on the good vaginal microbiomes that keep our vaginas healthy and clean.
  2. Our vaginas have their own ecosystem. Damn, I might have to write a sci-fi book on that! Imagine a group of women scientists who shrink themselves and find their way to the vagina ecosystem…fighting the bad bacteria to save the vagina…This ecosystem with the vaginal micobiomes has a carefully regulated pH level. Kudos to that healthy bacteria that keeps our vaginas clean.
  3. Avoid being overly hygienic. Showering twice a day is not recommended because it might disrupt that ecosystem. Showers are also better that baths. I’ve always thought that because, um, yuk, sitting in dirty bath water…uh, duh!
  4. Discharge is normal…so stop thinking you have to give yourself a flush with a douche. It is no wonder the word douche is now synonymous with something bad! Only pay attention to your disharge if it changes color or there’s more of it (not counting when you are in the throes of passion and your partner has caused an increase in lubrication).
  5. Here’s my personal favorite…going commando in the winter is a good thing for your winter vagina. Yippee…I prefer commando, anyway. Gotta have a healthy vagina, afterall.

So there you have it…permission to go commando and other little hints about how to take care of your vagina in the winter. And…if your vagina does dry up a little in the winter, there’s always lube or more sex to get those secretions going! Don’t be surprised if some of this finds its way into a book. Want to see how many times my vagina research finds its way into my books, you know the drill, click the links below. Don’t forget about this week’s sale books are two from the great Erin O’Reilly, Fearless and Fractured. Also, the holidays are coming up soon and I have both a Thanksgiving short (The Thanksgiving Baby Caper) and Christmas short (Donner Junior Saves the Day) now available. As with most of my stories, they are a continuation of one of my full-length books.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Vagina

  1. Hi Annette. I love lesfic, especially your books.
    LIke you, I also love vaginas to visually see. Inhale the scent, and lick the taste.


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