Book Bans…Again

How is it possible that we’ve traveled so far down this path again? It’s 2021 for shit’s sake. Yet, here we are again with radicals sticking their nose into anything that causes discomfort. Those poor white people who are offended by the truth (sarcasm in case you didn’t recognize it). And…this isn’t just happening in one state or one rural community. You’d think that calls to ban Beloved, Toni Morrison’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, would be a bridge too far. But, nope, not when we are in an era of racist, homophobic, misogynist, and violent rhetoric. This is not only tolerated but celebrated and encouraged.

As I did research on the most challenged books, most tended to fall into three categories: LGBTQ+, racism, and profane or sexual content (although Lolita, an absolutely horrid book with a definite pedophilia theme has not made the top ten list in several years). Certainly, the list of books banned or challenged changes every year, and Lolita has been challenged in the past, but lately, the books that seem to garner the most outrage are books dealing with racism, or LGBTQ+ issues. How dare authors present their truth or teachers teach a true and accurate representation of history? Sarcasm again…

Not that I am in favor of banning any book, but being forced to read Lolita in high school did not add anything to my education. Of course, it was assigned by a middle-aged man. I will never forget my disgust after reading this book. It would have gone to my do not finish pile rather quickly had I not been forced to read the entire book for class or suffer a poor grade.

On occasion, I used to see posts about libraries looking for YA LGBTQ+ books because they were sorely lacking and kids who wanted to see themselves represented in a book could not find many books to offer. Since many readers have characterized Locked Inside as YA, I’ve always answered the call and sent a signed copy. Now I wonder if those books are now being tossed, banned, or burned? And that makes me incredibly sad. It also makes me hesitant to send one of my books along in the future, which makes this even more depressing. It is the LGBTQ+ kids who will suffer the greatest. Unfortunately, these kids are more likely to take their own life because they don’t have the support, and now adults want to take away any book that reflects normalcy for them. I wonder when this pendulum will swing in the other direction because I’m not sure our country can endure much more of these knee-jerk reactions after finally seeing progress with social issues.

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2 thoughts on “Book Bans…Again

  1. I love your blogs. We should be able to love whomever we want, read what we want, etc. Children need love and stability in their lives to grow. That comes with having loving parents, regardless if parents are same sex or heterosexual couples. The banned books are ridiculous because the youth today have everything at their fingertips from the internet. Which I have trouble with because the youth are losing their innocence at an earlier age and growing up too fast. When women take control from the patriarchy, life will make sense. Hope you young people can move it along more rapidly in the future. Thanks for of your informative blogs. I think Cosmopolitan and Diva are good magazines for informing women about what society still labels taboo subjects, i.e., masturbation, sex toys, etc. Moving forward but still at a snail’s pace.

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