And The Bizarre Continues

I don’t like to use the term crazy or nuts or any other derogatory word that is disrespectful to any person struggling with mental health issues…thus, my title that instead calls out bizarre behavior from the right. Have you heard the latest? As if banning books and attacking M&Ms wasn’t absolutely bonkers enough. (Hopefully, bonkers is not another disrespectful term)

I kid you not…now there is a story gaining momentum where the politicians are claiming that our kiddos are becoming “furries” and somehow the school districts are making federally-mandated accommodations…like as in setting aside bathrooms for kids identifying as cats. Seriously people? Two real life examples of just how far people took this:

  • Last month, a Michigan school superintendent was forced to send a message to parents to debunk a rumor that the high school had installed litter boxes to accommodate “furry” students.
  • Michelle Evans, a Republican candidate for the Texas state legislature, tweeted that “Cafeteria tables are being lowered in certain @RoundRockISD middle and high schools to allow ‘furries’ to more easily eat without utensils or their hands (ie, like a dog eats from a bowl).”

Now…I am not a “furry” no judgment to those who might be into that, but even if I was, there is no way I would squat over a litter box to take a dump…definitely a bridge too far!

Forever Home: Sequel to The Bee Charmer by [Ali Spooner]

I am not sure when reality or logic will come back to our country, but in the meantime, y’all can click on one of the links below to shut out the bizarre with a good book or find a few adorable furry critters to love on that really do need their litter box (and they aren’t in school). You can also feel free to give some love to my girl Ali who recently released her new book Forever Home, a sequel to the Bee Charmer. Cause darn it…both of us could use the love!

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