Wordle of the Day…Moist

Last week the word moist came up again on a Facebook post, and it got me to wonder why there is such a visceral reaction to this word. I mean, come on…it’s just a word. And not even a word that would legitimately generate such a reaction. Certainly, some words justifiably should not be used because of their hateful derogatory nature. It isn’t even profanity, much less the worst of the worst profanity. I am old enough to remember when f@$k was considered so taboo. Now, it’s used so often no one even blinks an eye.

So…apparently after checking many of my books, I am not necessarily a fan of the word moist, but I do like the word moisture. I wonder if that word also creates a negative vibe. Obviously it is a derivative of the dreaded word. I’ll bet it does. Especially to the hard core haters of the word moist. Just for clarification, I do know that the word moist is only cringe worthy in a sex scene. It seems to be perfectly acceptable as a descriptor for weather. Jokingly, I threatened to do another desensitizing week and prominently feature this dreaded word. Instead, I decided to try to find a passage in my latest book, where I could change a synonym or two to the word moist … just to see how it would sound. Unfortunately, I could not find a single…wet, slick, dewy, damp, clammy…well…you get the idea. The closest I came to it was a verb that I could replace.

As my breathing increased, her lips finally found their way to my breasts. She discovered quickly how ultra-sensitive they were, moistening and nipping them as an almost guttural sound escaped from my throat. (Yup, does not really have the same impact as licking)

I went to my next most recent release, The Others and found a treasure trove (yes ironically I know this is another cringe worthy descriptor of lady parts) of passages. Granted, once again I had to look for the verb lick which is not technically a synonym to find the majority of passages. Thank the Goddesses that lick is not a word that sends Facebook into a tailspin because I really love that word. I suppose if I wait long enough, folks will call out lick, too.

For an ex-model, with her height, she could transform from every man and woman’s moist dream to an Amazon warrior in a matter of seconds.

Forget the saying: I moistened it, so it’s mine. I like this place, so I’m going to declare: our juices christened it, it’s ours.”

I ran my hands over Em’s body and then climbed on top to kiss and moisten my way down to her center.

I would swear it was the most satisfying orgasm of my entire life, until the next time she would kiss and moisten her way down my body.

“You know I can’t control myself when you moisten me like that.”

If you want to check for yourself how often I use any derivative of moist, feel free to click the links below and check out my books, I didn’t research them all! I am sure I’ve probably used the word, especially in earlier books. Hopefully you will consider giving a little lve to Disconnected because she really needs it!

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