Allergic to Sex?

This week, it was a toss between making fun of the ridiculous Don’t Say Gay bill that will become law very soon in Florida and talking about the real-life conditions called Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity Syndrome (sperm allergy) and Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS). I need to thank Tammy Boughter for sharing an article with me on the first one. Of course, I had to do more research to find out if there was a vaginal secretion equivalent and found the second one, POIS (thank goodness technically there isn’t).

Here is a link to the article Tammy shared with me: The poor woman definitely did not have a good first experience…or second…or third. Well, get the point. Imagine having redness, swelling, pain, itching, and a burning sensation in the vay jay jay? Her first thought was that she might have an STD. And, oral sex was just as bad for her so that wasn’t a solution. Thankfully, the condition is rare. Those poor straight women. Men aren’t off the hook either because POIS is a condition that causes men to have flu like symptoms after they ejaculate. Talk about playing with your young Catholic head and getting sick every time you orgasm!

Now, of course, the reason I had to do research is that I wanted to be accurate with my advice to the poor woman that she should just start having sex with women (unfortunately the same advice does not apply to men with POIS). Problem solved. But I had to make sure that lesbians or women loving women didn’t have an equivalent condition to deal with. We don’t! Well, technically we don’t. Let me clarify. If your vagina is healthy and within the normal pH levels, you have nothing to worry about. Go for it ladies…tongue, fingers, have at it with your partner’s intimate bits. See previous blogs about healthy vaginas:

The moral of the story…lesbians or women sexually loving women are most certainly the chosen ones! If one believes in a higher power, he or she saw fit not to make sex harder for us! As with most of these titillating bits of information, I will undoubtedly find a way to incorporate this into a book. Want to see how I’ve done that with other stuff, you know the drill, just click on one of the links below. Oh, and FYI, Affinity republished my very personal novel, Artist Free Zone (previously published as a charity book) at the low, low, price of 2.99. It’s available at all the same places as my other books.

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2 thoughts on “Allergic to Sex?

  1. I think I read something wrong. How would oral sex be just as bad for the woman if she’s allergic to sperm? Interesting topic for sure.😂


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