My Slow, Old, Brain…

Nothing is more exciting yet petrifying as receiving a brand new, smokin’ fast laptop. It’s a good news/bad news thing. Of course, it is faster, lighter, more transportable with additional bells and whistles, but it is change. Learning updated programs, like Word and Excel 2021 after working with 2016 for many years, is not that hard. On the other hand, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 is super intimidating. Then there is the double-edged sword of automatic backups to one drive. While I am jumping for joy at the autosave function in Microsoft Word (after giving Scrivener the good old college try and finding it not to my liking as much as writing in Word), the new autosave and backup functions are essential. I’ve lost so many passages when Word froze up on my old computer. However, my new computer backups everything to Onedrive. Thus when I loaded my pictures, videos, and old files from my old laptop, Onedrive quickly filled up and prompted me to buy more space for the drive. Since I only need to backup my manuscripts, it’s super annoying to find out how to set the preferences to this (if that is even possible). This is where the slow, old brain part comes in.

I would have had the new laptop set up and essential files and programs transferred in a couple of hours in my youth. Instead, I blew my entire day trying to accomplish this and still have many more hours of work to get my new laptop configured exactly the way I want. I may have to open a chat with Dell and get some technical support! Google has not been my friend!

The good news is that since I have this expensive new toy, I simply have to continue writing. I mean, it would be such a waste not to, right? So, in anticipation of my new laptop, I started a new manuscript titled Undercover Love (current working title-it may change). I’m only four thousand words into the new book, and like every other new book I start, I am second-guessing whether it will be any good. I suppose time will tell. Usually, I get there with most novels, but there are a few I still have questions about. If you want to check out my earlier works, feel free to click the links below. Most eventually passed muster with me!

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