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So, last week I wrote about this relatively new craze where women are looking for ways to grow their clit. One of those ways was a clit pump. Admittedly, I knew absolutely nothing about either the movement to grow one’s clit or clit pumps, but as with many topics related to human sexuality, this definitely piqued my interest. Since I promised to write a blog solely devoted to clit pumps…here we are. As a fun side note, I did recall a song way back in my club days about pumping it up, and here is the link to the YouTube video with that song (enjoy): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ux6TEz4LoqQ

The other thing I am embarrassed to admit is that I knew all about penis pumps. In fact, I believe I’ve received a few emails over the years regarding those devices (don’t even get me started on why the hell I am receiving those emails-some even at work which I bitched about quite loudly). What kind of lesbian am I that I had no idea about clit pumps? It seems incredibly unfair that some marketer felt the need to send me something on a penis pump, but I’ve received squatola on the equivalent for women. America is truly a misogynist society.

So…here’s what I’ve learned. Cosmopolitan strikes again with a useful article on the topic: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a36300982/best-clit-pumps/

  • A clit pump is designed to draw blood to a woman’s genitals which increases arousal and sensitivity (of course good old manual sucking would probably do the trick just as effectively).
  • It was good to learn that a person can’t “break their clit”. However, there was a caution about the possibility of damaging the tiny blood vessels around the clit, bruising, damage to vulvar tissue, or loss of sensitivity. Since lesbians love marathon love-making sessions because we can…there is a caution to be aware of sessions lasting more than four hours that lead to a loss of sensation or a change in color while using a clit pump.
  • Investing in a pump that has an adjustable suction and quick release button is highly recommended.
  • As was discussed in my previous blog, a clit pump can grow a person’s clit which has the benefit of satisfying a person’s aesthetic needs which can be important for gender affirmation for transmasc and/or TGNC folks.
  • Clit pumps can be classified as a sex toy and women have been known to orgasm using a pump.
  • This was something I definitely did not know…Clit and Pussy pumps are not the same. Clit pumps are more cylindrical and only cover the external glans of the clit, while pussy pumps are shaped like an oxygen mask covering the whole vulva.
  • Always read the instructions if you want the best outcome!
  • Before incorporating a partner, it is suggested to try one out solo first. We all love a little self love from time to time! That way you’ll know exactly how much suction is appropriate for your individual taste.
  • Clit pumps come in different sizes (variations in the diameter) as opposed to pussy pumps which are essentially the same size. This is because some people have larger clits (especially those who already used gels and other things to grow their clit). There should be air around the tissue inside the pump and the base of the pump should be in complete contact to create the seal and ensure the pumping effect works.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this additional education. I know I had a lot of fun researching both topics. While I am not known for erotica, and honestly struggle to write a good sex scene, I find that researching these topics does help to keep things fresh and new in my books, since I will often weave in the bits and pieces that I’ve learned. If you have a desire to check out my books…you know the drill, just click the links below. I have a brand new book out and another one coming in June, co-written with the amazing Ali Spooner. Look for both Georgetown Glen and Trouble in Paradise that is actually available at the Affinity site right now!

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