Who Knew?

Every day I learn something new about Social Media. Today I submitted an application for a new Goodreads author page. I don’t even have my Facebook, Tweets, Pinterest,  or Authorise mastered, but what the hell, I signed up anyway. My wife joked with me today and said that keeping up with all of this is… Read More Who Knew?

Mandatory Fun

I’m in an odd occupation for an introvert. I am the Human Resources Executive at a Healthcare organization. HR is the department that plans all those fun activities and I end up being smack dab in the middle of it all. We bar-b-que all day and schmooze with the employees. We come in and bar-b-que on… Read More Mandatory Fun


So I’ve been told that I’m very competitive. I like to think I’m goal driven. Recently the organization I work for starting a walking competition.  We plan on walking as an organization from Washington State to Key West, Florida. Guess who suggested the gay capitol of Florida? It pays to be the only Senior Leader… Read More Competition