Where Did I Put The Soap?

I just read RG Emanuelle’s blog and it rang so true.  Finding things to blog about is hard sometimes.  I chose the title Everyday Occurrences because that’s what I usually blog about those everyday funny bone moments when I say something silly (it’s usually me) and my wife starts laughing out loud.  Here’s what happened a few days ago…..

The other day I was in my shower (by myself so get your minds out of the gutter) and there was a tiny little nub left of my soap (it’s so tiny you can’t even see it in the picture below). I opened the shower door and created a path of water to the cabinet in search of the brand new soap we had purchased from the farmer’s market a few weeks prior. Nico, my cat, was slurping up the puddles. Drat, no soap. I walked back into the shower and made do with the tiny sliver. I might have added the tiny bit of shampoo I had left to create the requisite amount of suds. I’d waited until the last minute to let my wife know that I was running out of shampoo.

tiny soap

If you haven’t figured this out yet, I am notorious for waiting until the last minute to replenish my supplies. In fact, I don’t replenish them at all-my wife does. I do a by the way conversation either on the phone or when we see each other-which is only on the weekends.

On the weekend, my wife and I are in bed almost ready to doze off and here is how the conversation went:

Me: Hon, where did we put the soap we bought at the farmer’s market?

My Wife: We?

Me: Yeah. Did you hide it somewhere?

My Wife: Laughs hysterically. Why are you asking me? Don’t you remember where you put it?

Me: No. That’s your job.

My Wife: You live in the condo during the week. I only visit.

Me: And? Your point?

My Wife: I’m pretty sure you put it somewhere.

Me: Okay where did I put the soap?

My Wife: Did you check the bath cabinet?

Me: Loud hmmf. Yeah.

My Wife: The other bath cabinet?

Me: Sheepish response…um no.

My Wife: Laughs again. Why do I have to keep track of these things?

Me: I’m not good with details.

My Wife: How is it possible that you lead a Division? Don’t you have to be good with the details?

Me: I surround myself with detail minded people. I’m more a big picture person. You know, visionary leader.

My Wife: I didn’t know that.

Me: Laughs hysterically. How can you not know that about me? We’ve been together for eleven years and married for two.

My Wife: I guess there’s still a lot left to learn about you.

Me: Hmmm. I guess that’s a good thing. Can you please keep track of these things in the future now that you know this about me? You know I need a keeper.

My Wife: Laughs hysterically.

I never quite got a response, so I can only hope the laughing was intended as an acknowledgement that this is an important role for her in the future. My wife does a good job of taking care of me.  I need a keeper.

Special event

I still haven’t found the soap we bought. Who knows where I put it? The condo is only 1,000 square feet. It can’t be that hard to find…

I told my wife I would have to write a blog about this because it was just too dang funny.

P.S. I found the soap in the other bathroom cabinet where my wife suggested I should look.


I try to add a bit of humor here and there to my stories, so check them out. Maybe not the roll on the floor stomach hurting laughter, but a few laugh out loud moments (so I’ve been told).

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2 thoughts on “Where Did I Put The Soap?

  1. I’m the keeper in my house. Your story you just told happened to me at 4 am the other morning, insomnia . However I knew where I put the soap, because I’m the keeper. When the laundry comes back from the Wash and Fold I sort and put it away. My wife thought she would be nice and do it last Friday. I can’t find a damn thing. I feel your wife’s pain Annette. But I still love your writing.😎


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