My Warped Brain…


Okay I admit it, I have a warped brain. In my defense, the little dream fairies are almost entirely responsible. I’ve already confessed in previous blogs and other author spotlights or grills that a few of my stories originate from a vivid dreams, but my latest dream is definitely the most bizarre one yet.


Since my life is in complete chaos right now as my wife and I prepare to sell our house, my writing and editing projects are mounting, and my day job is in turmoil, I’ve decided to give myself a break by doing an easy blog this week.

I’m going to let everyone in to what is undoubtedly a glimmer of that warped brain of mine with my latest work in progress that for now I’ve titled, The Termination. Here’s a short blurb, but don’t accuse me, blame the dream fairies. Imagine a world where terminations from a job, literally meant terminating a human being…


Sawyer sat quietly in the metal chair. She wasn’t afraid of dying, but she was disappointed that she hadn’t been able to follow through on her plans to get Lyric more involved with the mission of her rebel group. They needed an HR executive on their team and Lyric was perfect for the job. She had the right personality to make a difference and she knew Lyric was sympathetic to the cause.

Unfortunately, it was the end of the line for her and there wasn’t much Lyric could do about it at this point. She wondered if it had all been worth it. She decided it had. The baby lived and she could take that comforting thought with her to the other side. Dr. Smith knew the baby was undocumented. He was another sympathizer, but when confronted, he hadn’t been willing to accept the consequences. She couldn’t really blame him. He could do more good by touting his ignorance as he continued to save people that the hospital would otherwise turn away. There were far more workers willing to ignore the law than anyone suspected. The group’s rebel network was growing.

Vernetta looked nervous as her eyes shifted around the room never quite landing on Sawyer. She felt sorry for her. They always asked her to perform the termination because she was skilled at ensuring the injection did not cause any unnecessary pain. Vernetta was a sympathizer as well, but kept her role in the group well hidden. Sawyer needed to ensure that no one blew her cover.

She only had a few minutes with Vernetta before Sharlie and Lyric arrived for the final dispensation.

“Vernetta, look at me,” Sawyer directed.

“Oh, God, Sawyer, I don’t know if things are going to work out, there’s rumors that we’re compromised and if Sharlie stays in the room, I don’t know if I can do this,” Vernetta lamented.

“You have to. We need you here continuing to work behind the scenes. I’m expendable. You’re not,” Sawyer insisted.

The creak of the door interrupted Sawyer and she looked at Sharlie’s guilty expression and Lyric who appeared confused.

“Vernetta, why are you here? I’m not sure giving Sawyer her flu shot right now is entirely appropriate. Besides, you’re not the employee health nurse.”

“Flu shot? What are you talking about? I’m here to administer the lethal injection.”

“I’m sorry. I thought I just heard you say lethal injection.” Lyric chuckled. “Boy I really need to get the wax out of my ears. It sounded like you’re some kind of death penalty executioner. I had a fall earlier and things aren’t firing quite right for me.”

“I suppose that’s a pretty good description of what they always ask me to do,” Vernetta answered. The disgust in her voice was nearly palatable.

Lyric turned her head and looked at Sharlie. She immediately looked away and Sawyer saw Lyric’s penetrating gaze land on her. “She’s not kidding is she?”

Sharlie looked up and shook her head. Her expression was a mixture of confusion and compassion. “Vernetta administers most of the lethal injections after a termination hearing. I don’t usually stay. I don’t have the stomach for it.”

Sharlie turned and nearly ran out of the room.

“Look, I don’t know what the hell is going on, but there is no way I’m going to authorize a lethal injection. Vernetta, you go back to your unit and let me talk with Sawyer,” Lyric directed.

“You can’t, Lyric, they’ll find out and then you’ll be terminated,” Sawyer pleaded.

“Lyric, we don’t much time. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but the arrangements are the same as always. The morgue driver is part of the network. She’ll help us again,” Vernetta turned her gaze to Sawyer. “All we need to do is get a stretcher and transport you out of here. We can get Dr. Smith to verify that I administered the injection and you expired without complication. He owes you and he’s done this before for us. Lyric, you’ll verify that I did my job. You mentioned the last time that you thought Sharlie might be suspicious, but she’d never report us. Is that still true?”

“Honestly, I don’t know anything right now. This is like one big nightmare, but I’ll do whatever I need to do. We are getting out of here—alive. I have a place that I can take Sawyer. I might need a doctor to check out my head, because nothing makes sense to me right now. It’s possible I have a fracture in my arm as well, however, I think that’s the least of our worries. I’m in, and you can explain everything to me later,” Lyric offered.

“I don’t think it’s wise for you to get personally involved,” Vernetta warned.

“I’m taking Sawyer to my cabin in the woods and that’s final. I just need to get a few things at my house first. Do you think you can drive my car and meet us at there? It’s the only Prius in the management parking lot. The address is 608 Oak Drive.” Lyric dug into her coat pocket, retrieved a set of keys and tossed them to Vernetta.

“Okay, we don’t have time to argue. I’ll get the stretcher.” Vernetta spun on her heels and exited.

Lyric looked dazed, but Sawyer was too surprised at the turn of events to say anything.


If you’re interested in digging deeper into my warped brain, feel free to get my stories and if you e-mail me questions, I promise to answer promptly.

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