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Have I mentioned how much I hate, hate, hate, the marketing part of selling my books. Developing a following has been excruciatingly slow and I bite my nails nervously every time I’m ready to birth a new book. My most recent book, The Ultimate Betrayal, deviated a bit from my typical announcements regarding a new release because I had a co-conspirator and we had a lot of fun with the birthing of The Twins. We teased and pulled that thread for three weeks before the release and as twins are known to do—they arrived early. However, this in no way took away any of my nervousness.


Now I feel like an expectant parent waiting on reader reactions to my new baby. Ali Spooner, my co-conspirator, is widely popular so I have no doubt her book will skyrocket up to the top of the Amazon Top 100 charts. I have no such delusions on mine, but a girl can dream…


I’ve tried very hard to write a very different book each time I’ve set pen to paper and boy did I break from my mold on this one. Normally, I’ve written sweet, somewhat innocent, love scenes that barely venture into another ice cream flavor—yep consistently Vanilla. This time I listened to feedback from a reader, which was spot on about considering a little spice. Now the question is whether those who have come to expect something a bit more on the tame side will embrace the sizzle and pop I put into this new book. Here’s a short passage to show you what I’m referring to…

“I need to feel your naked body move on top of me,” Sophia pleaded.

“Not yet. Who is in control here?” Lara asked.

“You are.”

“Get in the bed, but leave your panties on,” Lara directed.

Sophia pulled the covers down and positioned herself for her wife. She licked her lips as she saw the feral look on Lara’s face. The lust in her eyes was evident. She missed that look and now that it was back, she was going to take full advantage.

“Aren’t you afraid of ruining your outfit? I can smell your arousal and soon I’ll be able to see the wet spot. You’d better take off your clothes before that happens,” Sophia suggested.

“Cheeky little minx, aren’t you? I thought I’d made it clear that I was in charge. If you aren’t good, I’ll make you wait longer,” Lara threatened.

“I take it all back. I want to see the wet spot.”

Lara laughed. “You are pushing it. Wait there and don’t move. I need a few items.”

Lara moved to the dresser and pulled out the leather and lambskin restraints and eye mask.

Sophia squirmed on the bed, waiting for Lara to secure her hands above her head. It was freeing to know that she could lay back and allow Lara to take control. There would be nothing to distract her. Although Sophia enjoyed the times when Lara and she would reach simultaneous orgasm as they stroked or licked one another at the same time, there was nothing like being the recipient of Lara’s complete focus. She didn’t have to worry about whether Lara was getting close.

Lara carefully secured the leather mask and restraints. Sophia felt vulnerable, yet excited. She ached to feel Lara’s hands and mouth on her body. She didn’t know what Lara was doing because the mask covered her eyes, but she heard the refrigerator door open.

After what seemed like an eternity, she felt a cool drop of something hit her nipple, then another hit her bellybutton.

“Mmm, dessert is served. I just needed to add some whipped cream,” Lara murmured.

Sophia squirmed as she waited for Lara’s inevitable tongue. She felt the tip lick her right nipple and circle it. A light bite sent her nearly over the edge. Her left breast ached for the same treatment and before long, Lara rewarded her with the same love bite.

Sophia’s clit was throbbing in anticipation. She felt Lara’s hands stroke her stomach and brush lightly across her panties. She could feel Lara make her way down to her sex with a momentary side trip to her bellybutton as Lara sucked the sticky cream that pooled in the small indent.

Finally, Lara brought her hands to Sophia’s hips and Sophia could feel her move the silk underwear down her legs. After Lara removed her panties, Sophia felt Lara sucking her toes and pressing down on her arches.

As Lara’s hand made its way back up her calf and inner thigh, Sophia cried out. “Please, touch me where I need you.”

“Where would that be, love? You have to be more specific.”

“Oh, God, Lara. Stop teasing me,” Sophia begged.

“You have to tell me and I’ll walk out the door if you use overly clinical terms, my prim and proper professor. I’ll give you a hint. It starts with a P.”

Sophia could hear the smirk in Lara’s words.

“My pussy, please, touch my pussy,” Sophia cried out.

“Well, now that you’ve asked so nicely, I suppose I can do that,” Lara responded.

So the question I have for all the wonderful readers is did I gain any new readers or piss someone off with my slight divergence to the more creative side of love. Now of course when I say slight, I mean miniscule because after all…a leopard doesn’t really change her spots (I took this picture when my wife and I went to Africa)!


Send me your thoughts on the verdict if you’ve read The Ultimate Betrayal and as always if so inclined I’d love for you to leave a review because it really makes a difference to how far the book climbs on the Amazon top 100 ranking.

Here’s a link to the book in case you need it!  Also don’t forget to check out Ali’s book!

Amazon                       Affinity E-Book Press

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2 thoughts on “Sizzle and Pop

  1. OMG, you did it and I love it. The passage is hot and steamy 😊. After I’ve finished Ali’s book I’m going to read yours and of course I will leave a review. Thanks for sharing 👍


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