The Twins…

UB2Neptunes Cover

When Ali Spooner joked about our double release in June, stating we were having twins, I decided to take that thread and pull on it. At first, like everything, I looked for the humor in the whole marketing and book release process and then it occurred to me how many parallels there really are between writing a book and having a baby. Here are the top ten that surfaced in my warped brain (in no particular order because I am not a very linear thinker).

  • While I write I shove unhealthy food into my hole, consuming whatever is my current craving. I only pause to dirty up my laptop keys as I type furiously whatever just popped into my head.
  • It takes roughly nine months from start (conception – an idea) to finish (a published novel).


  • Each stage in birthing a book has its own unique set of challenges.
  • Nervous mothers fret over whether their baby will be healthy and nervous writers fret over whether their book is solid enough for people to want to read.


  • Pregnant moms get swollen feet and bellies, while writers have swollen words that our editors trim and slash.
  • Sometimes the date of birth or the release date is set and then surprise your publisher says, “Hey I think we can put this out a little earlier or sorry we had some last minute editing problems.” Babies are so fickle sometimes. They come when they’re damn good and ready.


  • You get a picture of your beautiful baby via an ultrasound or in your book baby’s case a preview of the cover. You share this with anyone you manage to snag for them to take a peek.


  • What color should you paint the baby’s room versus what color should the lead’s hair or eyes be?
  • The baby’s out and now mom is exhausted, but everyone wants pictures so you drag your butt to the internet and make sure all the promotions (pictures) make it to your Facebook site.


  • It takes a village. New moms need aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. to help them feed and nurture their new baby. New authors need readers or the new book withers and dies on the vine.


I sure hope everyone has enjoyed our continued joking around about the arrival of the twins. In case any of you have missed those posts (although I haven’t the foggiest idea how you could since we’ve been relentless this past week), the books (twins) come out on June 3rd. Don’t let them wither and die on the vine….Oh and by the way, my other children need love too….

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