Juggling Balls


How many balls is too many? I’m not talking about those balls…I am a lesbian, you know. I’m referring to the multiple projects one person takes on. In a previous blog and past Facebook posts, I’ve admitted to how many cats I have, my propensity toward hoarding, and various quirks landing squarely in the OCD category, but I don’t think I’ve yet explored where to draw the line on starting a new project.

cat juggling

Is three current works in progress okay, but the minute you add a fourth, you’ve entered into crazy recluse writer territory? If that’s the case, then I’m there.

crazy writer

I was thinking in the shower this morning (I get my most profound thoughts while naked letting the warm water sooth my muscles after a workout) about how my sister used to leave partially eaten fruit, donuts, etc. and when my mother would clean her room she would chastise her because…um…yeah…kinda gross. That’s how I’m starting to feel about the numerous half written books sitting on my laptop glaring at me right now.

crazy writer2

I keep putting out teasers on projects that aren’t even close to the finish line. Currently I am co-writing two different books with two different co-writers and I feel a sense of responsibility to advance the ball on each one, so I’ve tapped out a pitiful number of words each night. I started thinking about the phrase advance the ball and had to laugh at the mental picture in my head where I was jumping from rugby field to rugby field playing in two separate games (I was a former rugger). Who does that? Crazy, recluse writers…that’s who.


When I have several projects going at once, I have to remember which one I’m adding to lest I get the storyline and characters mixed up. Last night I was adding a little bit to two different stories and completely ignoring my wife who’d been out of town the previous evening (I keep telling everyone, I am no prize to live with and my wife is a saint). I blame it on the balls.


So I ask all the readers and writers out there…how many balls tip a writer over into the ridiculous territory?

If you want to read the balls I did manage to get to the end zone…check out the links below.

Affinity Author Page         Amazon Author Page

covers 5-21

2 thoughts on “Juggling Balls

  1. I feel your balls. I’m finishing one book, working on 2 more, then there’s my 5 year project that’s the fruition of my minors in History and Geography… Plus I may be working on a co-production myself, but that’s in the early stages and I’m not really at liberty to discuss it. Oh, did I mention IV already turned in first revisions on another and just received first edits on a second? My balls are huge! But then, being disabled, I no longer have a day job like you, Ms. Mori!


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