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A running joke with fellow writers is wondering which “list” we’re on after conducting our internet searches as we research a variety of topics for our current works in progress.  Here are just a few of the items I’ve googled in the past that might raise a few eyebrows: Russian swear words (particularly bitch), how a silencer works, where can you inject a substance into a neck to get almost instantaneous results, can you really render someone unconscious with a well-placed karate chop, easiet gun for a woman to shoot, model of gun preferred by the FBI and my all-time favorite – the softest restraints + sex toys.


Sometimes, like last week, I typed in something that I believed was fairly innocuous and…OMG…a slew (yes I googled this and it was the preferred way to spell it over slough) of porn sites popped on my screen. I was reminded of my utter lack of education with anything on the remotely kinky side of sexual intimacy.


I’ve been very transparent about my Vanilla leanings and have deliberately taken steps, albeit baby steps, to seek more knowledge so I can write more enticing sex scenes. I suppose I still have a long way to go because when I typed in lesbian skeet shooter for a new story percolating in my head, I could not bring myself to click on those porn sites to see how what I typed could possibly elicit those results.

vanilla sex

Shout out to Velvet Lounger who kindly stepped up to the plate or slid into it (he he he) and offered her assistance. After finding what I’d uncovered with my search (apparently you had to type it in in exactly the same order), she informed me and all the Facebook readers closely following the posts (degenerates-all of you) that it referred to in a two word nutshell – female ejaculation. So there you have it, your sex education lesson for today’s Vanilla lesbian.

lesbian skeet shooter

I was surprised by the number of people who did not know what it might be, so I suppose, Vanilla or not, I am in good company.

Recently, I read something in Ali Spooner’s new book about a gadget that you can operate remotely. Yes, you too can give your partner pleasure from a distance with the push of a button. Wow, shut the front door, huh? I had to ask her if that was for real and she assured me it was. I won’t tell you if I purchased one or not, but I did thoroughly research my options and read every single review for the various brands.

Neptunes Coveregg1egg2

Normally, I don’t read erotica, but when I got a PM from a fellow author who specializes in the genre, I thought what the hell, I should buy one of her books so I can support her writing and further my education. I found the book very enjoyable. This is a brand new sub-genre for me to explore (as if I don’t have enough reading materials). I wonder if I can write it off and consider it “research”. Maybe that goes for that egg I….oops just kidding….

paris erotica

Physical research is a whole new topic to explore in another blog. I still haven’t gotten a clear answer on whether I can write off all the pineapple I’ve been purchasing since I heard that urban legend. Don’t ask…because I’m not telling (my wife is gonna kill me).


If you want to see how I use what I find in my research…you know the drill…click one of the links below.  As a special treat I uploaded a video on my Amazon Author Page of my horrible speech at GCLS, so people can have a good laugh at my dorkiness.

Affinity Author Page         Amazon Author Page




3 thoughts on “Randy Research

  1. Oh Annette, thanks for my laugh for today! Seriously though, I’m right there with you and, if my wife saw even half of my search history from researching my novels, she’d let me have it. Fortunately I’m a Google Chrome kind of girl and she’s a vanilla Internet Explorer girl! Also, I delete often! As a mystery writer primarily, I just can’t leave all that stuff for the FBI to find…

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  2. Thanks Anne. BTW. I am reading your first book in the Moreville series and enjoying it very much. I will leave a review when I finish (I only leave reviews when I can give an honest positive review – I don’t use my real name though….). I bought one and two in the series and I am sure I will read the whole series now. So many books…so little time!


  3. Glad to know I’m not the only one vaguely ashamed by my search history, but always looking to go further into the dark side! Can’t wait to read the stories that research went into.


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