Lesbian Vampires…Oh My!


So…everyone raise your hand if you are someone fascinated by lesbian vampires. I am now jumping up and down, waving my arms in the air. Halloween is almost upon us and I thought this topic might be interesting to explore.


When I wrote my first novel (which by the way I’ve never submitted to anyone for consideration), I thought it would be interesting to explore the notion of immortality and how that might affect a loving relationship where one is immortal and the other is not. A favorite character in that never seen story, Nicky, spurned my first published novel.  At the time, I was under the mistaken notion that lesbian vampires and paranormal lesfic books were a huge and popular sub-genre. Wow did I have a lot to learn. Now I know that just because I love paranormal, science fiction, historical fiction, urban fantasy and all the other sub-genres that aren’t traditional romance, others might not necessarily share my passion.


I want to give my fellow author, Ali Spooner a shout out because one of the many reasons I chose Affinity to submit my manuscript to was because I loved Ali’s Sasha Thibodaux Series.


About a week ago, my nephew sent me a private message about something he thought I would find interesting. Well…interesting is an understatement. Did you know that before Bram Stoker wrote his classic novel, Dracula, there was a novel about a lesbian vampire published in 1871, well before his historic book, published in 1897? Both authors were from Ireland…coincidence? I immediately went to Amazon, found the book, and bought it. There are some stark similarities between this book titled, Camilla and Bram Stoker’s classic novel. I was astounded that in the 1800s someone had the audacity to write a book about a lesbian vampire. There are some not so subtle passages that make it clear that Camilla was indeed a lesbian vampire and her beautiful victim was very enamored with her.


How is it possible I did not know about this book? Or for that matter, why didn’t the rest of the world hear about Camilla? Am I the only lesbian in the dark about this way ahead of its time novel? Sure it was written by a man, but still I had to hand it to the author for going out on a limb and writing a book like this. Scandalous, simply scandalous!


Now I am wondering if I should resurrect my very first novel and polish it up. I’m still resistant to the notion that not every single lesbian out there shares my fascination with lesbian vampires. I suppose this first book would be considered a prequel to Love Forever, Live Forever and I’m toying with the notion of posting it as a serial novel over a span of time.  Here’s the first part for you to tell me if that is a good idea or not:


I stand here on the precipice—not a literal precipice—but a figurative one. I have a moral dilemma. I have not faced this quandary for nearly five hundred years. I fear I have promised something I should not have pledged. I could not help myself. She came back.

When you find the one lost to you so many years ago—the one you know you will never forget—then do you give that up twice? 

I have not been intimate with another for nearly five hundred years. This is an important fact to remember and a central part of my story, but first you need to learn more about the others, specifically Nicky, the Little Wild One, Annie, her lover, and my dear sweet Victoria.

Chapter 1

Cass stood before the High Council. Seven vampires sat around the beautiful stone fireplace in the great room of the mansion overlooking Lake Washington. It was a rare day as the sun shone over the lake producing twinkles of light like tiny stars hovering above the water. The mountain had a fresh covering of snow and glistened in breathtaking glory. She turned briefly to look upon the lake and gather her calm before facing the council.

Helena, the oldest vampire, directed her gaze at Cass and she felt compelled to abandon the view to meet her penetrating eyes.

“It is so good of you to join us today, Cassandara. We have missed you,” Helena whispers.

Hearing the subtlety in Helena’s words, she understood the implied command.

“I have missed you as well, Helena. How can I be of assistance?” Cass asked with sincerity.

She had missed Helena. Lately Cass was becoming weary of her responsibilities. She hadn’t drained a host in over three months. At this rate, her aging process would begin soon. Although it was not a conscious effort, she was aware of the council’s fears—they’d heard rumors about her a fatal decision.

Cass needed a greater purpose than the one given to her nearly eight hundred years ago. She was by far their best crusader and knew they were not about to allow her to make that decision in haste.

“You have heard of the Little Wild One have you not?” Helena queried.

“Ah, yes, her reputation most certainly precedes her, but I have not yet had the honor of meeting her in person,” Cass responded with honesty. She wanted to meet the charismatic vampire that so many were talking about, but in her despair, she lacked the energy or initiative to make the journey.

“Her motives are pure, but she is in need of a mentor. We are concerned that her methods may cause our race great concern. The Little Wild One has not been covering her tracks as is required. She has also been quite exuberant in her hunts.”

Helena’s beautiful face frowned.

Cass now understood that this was the true the purpose of the meeting. “You wish me to be her mentor,” she stated.

“Yes, Cassandara, we have need of you as her mentor. You will need to leave straight away.”

Helena’s use of the terminology straight away made Cass cringe. At first, she believed her reaction was barely noticeable, but then she noticed Helena’s reaction. Cass imagined that Helena was chastising herself for her word selection.

Cass and Helena had many heart to heart conversations about how to ensure their lesbian sisters did not become disengaged. She believed Helena was sincere when expressing her concern that she was moving further from her sisters. The self-imposed isolation seemed particularly troubling to them.

“Can you tell me where I may find this newling?”

“Yes. The Little Wild One is close. I feel her right now as she is about to seek her revenge on another. She has lured him into one of our dwellings on the lake here. You will find her at the Athena House.” Helena waved her right hand.

Cass knew the council meeting was finished and she had all the information she needed to complete her assignment.


Before Love Forever, Live forever was published, I wrote a couple of short stories and one of those had a Halloween theme, so if you’re in the mood to read about lesbian vampires, Halloween, AND support a worthy charity, pick up the Affinity Collection, It’s in Her Kiss, that has my short story, Vampire Pussy Cat. Cass, Nicky, Annie, Victoria and the rest of the gang are all in that story. I think you will find that it is a fun read.


If you like vampires as much as I do, you know the drill….just click on the links below and you’ll find two short stories and my debut novel that will be sure to serve up a healthy dose of beautiful lesbian vampires.

Affinity Author Page         Amazon Author Page



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  1. I definitely think you should bring out the polish. I’d love to read this story! I loved the character in LFLF and would love to know more about her. Also, thanks for the plug on the Sugarland books. Sasha will always be my first love!


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