Is that opportunity knocking?

Warning: This will be a serious blog unlike the vast majority that I usually compose on Friday. Yet, I do try to see the humor and silver lining in just about everything, even a life-changing event.


I was prepared to do a blog on a re-cap of Lonestar and or a blog to joke about my ineptness once again with social media, but I find myself needing to write on a completely different topic. As of today after nearly 30 years in healthcare, I am retired. A little earlier than expected, but hey the possibilities are endless now.


I am wondering, could I actually become a full-time writer and make a go of it? Should I traipse around the country and do interim work? Become a housewife? Sex slave (I kinda like that option)? Or….


Life just got a whole lot more interesting for me today. I’ve been pondering early retirement for some time now and I do believe that when a door closes, a window opens. I’m just not quite sure which window will open and if that open window will let in the wind and rain from a thunderstorm or a tornado! I’d like to think I’m made up of solid stock to “weather” the storm.


Fortunately for me, I have a wonderful, supportive wife and we’ve already been talking about options around retirement. I always planned on doing a lot more writing when I retired, so now I have no excuse.


As painful as this experience is for me at this point in my career, I feel a great deal of relief. I wasn’t used to being considered anything less than a top performer, but sometimes you mesh with your boss and other times not so much.


A few weeks back, I was bold enough to ask whether our struggles had anything to do with my sexual preference, not because I wanted to raise a fuss, I genuinely wanted to know. People have their deep beliefs and they sneak into the workplace whether we want them to or not. I think it is hard to pinpoint discrimination in the workplace. It isn’t something a person can definitively prove, but you can recognize it when it happens. I do.


I’ve just started a new chapter in my life and I think it will involve a lot more writing. If you’d like to sample my writing, I sure would love it, especially now.  You know the drill…just click the links below. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback already on Captivated, maybe you’d like to give that book a try!

Affinity Author Page         Amazon Author Page

covers 4-1-17

13 thoughts on “Is that opportunity knocking?

  1. It was hard to click ‘like’ for this because I certainly feel your pain as well as your optimism. Good luck with retirement. Keep writing and, through it, keep fighting the good fight. I hope to join you full time at the keyboard this fall myself.

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  2. I feel for you Annette. This is exactly what happened to me two years ago after 24 years with the same company. I spent the first year looking for a new job, but no one seemed to want to hire someone my age, but I couldn’t prove that. I feel blessed that I was thrifty in my life and managed to put enough away to sustain me till I can take early Social Security and that my house is paid off.

    It took me six month to decompress from the stress I was living under because of work. Enjoying myself was a foreign concept. Now I read when I want and discovered all kinds of new things about myself from just doing that. Now discovering writing has given me another creative outlet to replace the career I lost. In the end it was the best thing to happen to me.

    Hope this will be a positive turning point in your life as well.

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  3. Everything I try to write just seems like all the wrong things to say. The title to your blog kind of says it all. , Opportunities are knocking Annette. You have Jody and those whom you call friends.

    Be Well Always there for ya.


  4. I can totally relate, just going through something similar since November. But I believe that everything happens for a reason……and the only risks that we regret are the ones we didn’t take. I’m so much happier since I’ve made those hard choices.
    Be strong Annette, the best is yet to come. 🎉YAY🎉 As a huge fan of all of your books, this means more time for you to write new books.

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    1. Thanks. It is sometimes hard to see that in the moment…I just need some road behind to appreciate everything. Eventually, I will look back on this moment as being the best thing that ever happened to me!


  5. Now…this sex slave thing…do you need a manager Princess?
    Serious;y, it sucks what happened to you, but like always, you will see the bright side. No window will open for you, instead I can see a double wide garage door opening, just waiting for you to walk through to you next great adventure in life.


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