Was that a joke?

I wrote this blog two weeks ago, before the biggest whopper of a joke hit my life, except it wasn’t a joke, so I decided I should resurrect this blog and post it now because as I always say, better late than never (especially when I’m too lazy to write something new).For people who know me, they understand that I poke fun at just about everything. I am always surprised when readers say that I am funny, or that my books haveserious

For people who know me, they understand that I poke fun at just about everything. I am always surprised when readers say that I am funny, or that my books have laugh out loud moments. I don’t consider my books romantic comedies. I always wanted to have the talent to pull that off like some of my favorite writers who do that sub-genre well, but I suspect a sprinkling of humor is all I can hope for.


Sometimes, like this past week (actually three weeks ago now), I’ll do a tongue in cheek post and a few people will catch on, but many others will respond with good advice thinking that I was serious and somehow hurt or offended by something that occurred. I’ve decided I need to preface my posts in the future or add the, he he he to the end when I’m joking. Apparently, I need to distinguish my true quests for advice versus my poking fun at whatever manages to burrow its way into my warped brain.


Notably, I seem to have a knack for losing likes and reviews. I’ve imagined tiny little gremlins coming together for a dinner party from Facebook and Amazon and discussing how they might be able to f%*# with me because I’m oh so much fun to mess with, and I love to poke fun at things like that. Mostly, I just don’t know what the hell I’m doing with Facebook, Amazon advertising (I tried to sign up to check it out, but couldn’t ever figure the damn thing out), Twitter, WordPress, Youtube and most recently Instagram (cause I don’t have enough social media outlets to keep track of). Hint: when I put things in parenthesis….I’m joking.


I blindly go through the steps to sign up, click buttons and then I find out that somehow I’m sending tweets on topics that I have no idea about. I guess I’m just trigger happy. Or….excersing that index finger because a buff finger comes in handy, ya know….


When I discovered that I went from 292 to 291 likes on my WordPress blog, I did my thing and posted on Facebook as a joke. I laughed my butt off when one of my most loyal supporters confessed she was the one because she didn’t have time to read my blog.  I kindly suggested to her that just because you clicked like on my blog does not mean you have to read it every single week.


A lot of Facebook friends were quick to chime in with their theories. It was positively endearing some of the comments I received because I could tell they wanted to reassure me.


Here’s another hint: I rarely get upset, hurt, or offended. Even when I choose to write a serious post or blog, it is usually about something much more important than me. Newsflash…it is not all about me. When I write about social consciousness, kindness or human decency, I’m not joking.


I try to weave in a few serious concepts in every book, along with a great deal of subtle humor to make things a bit more entertaining. So go ahead, find humor in my blogs, posts, or books, because it makes me happy when someone tells me I brought a smile to their face or caused them to chuckle. Want to find those laugh out loud moments…you know the drill, click on the links below.  I’ve been told that Captivated has a fair number of them!

Link to Captivated

Affinity Author Page         Amazon Author Page

covers 4-1-17

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