Okay…so there is no such thing as Instafacetweet, it’s my made up word for a mash-up of the what I believe is the three major social media vehicles that businesses use to market their brand. I haven’t included Pinterest because, really, I mean do you really want me to try to weave that in?

I had some time to kill the other day and the bug up my rear end made its presence known, so I started to play around with Instagram. Nearly a year ago, I created an account but posted a whopping three pictures in that whole span of time. Clearly, I did not believe that Instagram was worthy of my time and attention.

The other day my wife was listening to a training video about what to post and what not to post on Facebook lest employees negatively impact the company’s reputation and brand. She mentioned that she doesn’t post anything on Facebook, but does post pictures on Instagram. My ears perked up as I vaguely remembered the account I established many moons ago.

I woke up the other morning to this amazing sunrise and captured it on my iPad. The stars seemed to align and I felt an acute need to share that same pic on Instagram. I’d already posted to Facebook and might have even felt accomplished enough to tweet the pic (not sure about that since Twitter is still relatively foreign to me). My wife was out of town. I’d finished and sent off my latest manuscript to betas. Basically…I had some extra time to devote to researching a new (to me) social media vehicle.

After struggling with my iPad and my computer to try to post the picture, I became frustrated enough to post on my Facebook page asking for help. I’d taken the picture on my iPad versus my iPhone. Several hours later I hadn’t gotten too far. I could not remember how I had posted the prior three pictures. So…I went to my best pal, Google. Here’s what I learned:

  • The official Instagram App is available for iPhone, but not for iPad. For iPad there is a clunky App called InstantRepost and a not so complicated workaround to put the official Instagram on iPad and here is a link to that article if you are interested: This worked really well for me.


  • Instagram has more than 700 million active users on a monthly basis and 400 million daily, 80% of these are outside of the US so this vehicle has a massive global reach.


  • Instagram users are highly engaged and post 95 million photos a day with 4.2 billion likes, that engagement beats out every other social media vehicle by a country mile.


  • There are more female users on Instagram and Instagram tends to have a younger audience.


  • Instagram is clean and easy to navigate (once you get beyond my initial hurdle with trying to find the official iPad app).

In conclusion, I think I just might have to get a bit more involved in Instagram because I think it’s only fair that I share my cute kitten pictures with a whole new audience…oh and of course make sure everyone also knows about all my book launches and new covers! See…you can teach an old cat new tricks (sorry dog lovers, my clear preference is kitties).

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