Boobs and Bras….


Wow…two blogs in one week. Being a part of a blog tour was super fun, but this topic was just too delicious to pass up.  So…this past week there was a Facebook post that got a lot of action regarding detailed descriptors of characters or not – what do readers prefer. That’s a good topic, but not the one I’ll be talking about today because the discussion devolved as it usually does. OMG thank you Charlotte Epps Loudermilt.  I can always count on you to spice things up. She mentioned her insistence on descriptions of the character’s breast. I, of course, had to chime in with a joke about saggy breasts on my older characters and it went downhill from there.

This got me to thinking about a research study I vaguely remembered from a few years ago about the effect of bras on breasts. And….no big surprise…I misremembered the conclusion. For some reason, I thought that not wearing a bra led to saggy breasts… au contraire.  I know you want me to tell you all about this research study, so of course, I will oblige.


I guess in France, not wearing a bra is commonplace. After a 15 year study….yes let me repeat that 15 years…the study concluded that, “Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra.” Shut the front door! I say bring back the 70’s and let’s all burn our bras. It’s too late for me because all the jobs I’ve had required me to wear a bra, so the sag is definitely there, but for you young’uns….heed this blog. No bra, less sag.


I have worn everything from sports bras to really expensive bras specifically measured and designed for me by those special ladies at Nordstrom’s. I’ll admit, I felt as odd letting the Nordstrom person poke and prod as much as getting that annual mammogram. But, I was desperate. I was searching for the perfect bra. I looked far and wide for one that would not ride up and make me adjust myself every fifteen minutes. Bras are so irritating. I don’t care anymore and I’ll tug the damn thing down in the middle of a meeting right in front of the CEO. Don’t even get me started on the frickin straps. Just like with panties, I have still never found one as comfortable as commando.  Can I call not wearing a bra, commando?


I believe that after I retire I will never wear bras or panties ever again. I won’t give two shits what people see. The girls just wanna be free.


So how can I possibly tie this into writing? Well, let me give it a shot.  Bras are intended to restrain…to put a boundary around those luscious balls of flesh. Sometimes, as a writer, we feel the pressure to conform and put boundaries around our writing. I think I’ve done a good job of not conforming, thus I hope I don’t allow my writing to sag. Ultimately, we don’t want the writing to sag. So, I say, like with a bra, don’t enclose your writing in conformance, let it flow. If you want to know how I’ve done that, you know the drill, click on the links below.

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4 thoughts on “Boobs and Bras….

  1. You are too funny! I really needed this today and had a really good laugh. As you know, I am a MUCH older lady and I can tell you for sure that the days of bras and sometimes panties are a thing of the past. Never have I felt so free. Well, and maybe just a little bit naughty. Thank you for the giggles.

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