Me Too…

The other day I was commenting on a lesfic book that I very much enjoyed. I added to the conversation by agreeing with the person who originally posted how much they liked the book. My response was, “me too”. That got me to thinking about the “Me Too” movement. I thought about not wanting to take anything away from the historic times we live in and the achievement of a strong voice for women (finally) and I wondered what this meant for all those times when a “me too” affirmation was directed at something positive?


I distinctly remember as a kid often using those exact words when I wanted to join in the fun. I can envision Horshack from that TV show, Welcome Back Kotter, thrusting his hand in the air and saying, “ooh, ooh, ooh.” This was a different version of me as a child thrusting my hand in the air and saying, “me too.” Yup, I was a total nerd. A female Horshack, same gesture, different words.


Perhaps I need to change my affirmations to something like, “what she said” or “yup”. How about, “mmhmm a big heaping spoon of give me some of that?” At least one or two of them seem popular today and won’t in any way water down the words adopted by the “Me Too” movement.


Adopting those two words was very powerful and caught on faster than a brush fire. I do worry that continuing to use those words in a positive manner will somehow be seen as insensitive or inappropriate. Do I get a pass because I’m a woman? How about if I could legitimately say, “me too” in reference to feeling harassment in the past? Would this be considered some kind of cultural appropriation?

me too2

Everything is so political these days I often wonder about how easy it is for people to step into a big pile of poop and not even know they’ve done it? I’m not joking, I honestly think about these things because my questions, jokes, and observations are not meant to offend. They are meant to make people reflect on various issues, political and cultural.


Apparently, I love this short phrase because I found it in every single book I’ve written, but two. One of those books, Free to Love, was set in the 1790s, so no big surprise there because I doubt that phrase was popular back then. I’m sure it is simply dumb luck that I didn’t use the phrase in Captivated. This tells me if I need to lose this phrase for exclaiming that I agree, would love to participate in a fun event, or consume a certain food or beverage being offered, it’s going to be a challenge for me.

Ah, the written or spoken word is such a conundrum sometimes. What do y’all think? If you want to see all the uses for the, “me too” phrase in my books, you know the drill.

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4 thoughts on “Me Too…

  1. I think you should say what you want to say. That’s you. People get your meaning. And, bonus, it might get them thinking about the ‘Me Too’ movement too so double win.


  2. You made me think…Me too, include me in your thinking…I agree,on the same page.Just a few of the ways I myself have replied. I have a tendency to write too MUCH so I try to keep it to the point. If someone is telling us about an experience and we reply were on the same page…or me too…does that belittle what they are going thru? It can go two ways…one they have a Conrad in arms or two they think we have really no clue what they are going thru at all because only they know the pain of the situation. It’s a delima riding that fence post of…me too. I don’t comment on anything political…its a backdraft fire waiting to happen…I read, think, and move on. There is enough peps out there that don’t mind playing that game. We second guess many things in a day…when You think about it. As someone who looks up to your writing give your self a break and me too….I was long winded again!


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