Giving Tuesday

I’m embarrassed to admit that until Darla, the Executive Director of Stone Soup Community Press mentioned Compound Interest would be released on Giving Tuesday, I’d never heard of it. Sure, I knew about the commercial days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’ve even provided a bit of history in a previous blog on Black Friday. There might have been a bit of derision in my blog because, to be honest, I stay well clear of the stores on that day. I don’t shop on Cyber Monday either.  There is something a little wrong to me about all the commercial hype around Christmas. I admit I don’t like it one bit.


So why wouldn’t I know about a day that I can totally get behind? I wanted to know the answer to that question and of course, I did a little research. Giving Tuesday is a relatively new phenomenon, started in 2012. It began small and simple. The intent was to declare a day for people to do good and has evolved into a global movement. New York’s 92nd Street Y partnership with the United Nations Foundation started this wonderful day and it has the support of some heavyweights such as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft, Ford Foundation, PayPal, The Rockefeller Foundation, and a few others. Last year 400+ million was raised with 3.6 Million in online gifts and 14.2 Billion Social Media Impressions. That’s impressive.

giving tuesday

I’m not sure if my little book will contribute a great deal to the global effort, but every little bit helps. As I’ve shared before, I am very proud of the final chapter in the combined Asset Management, Book Addict double series. I can’t think of a better book to have 100% of the proceeds go to charity. Once again, the charities I’ve chosen will help the two charities supporting LGBTQ+ youth: The Trevor Project and It Gets Better.

trevor projectIt Gets Better

I read an article recently that life expectancy in the U.S. has gone down for the third year in a row and some of the startling reasons include suicide, depression and drug abuse. When we look at the statistic for LBGTQ+ youth, they are especially hard hit in these areas and the tragedy of losing our youth at an early age is only getting worse, not better. I’ve shared some of the statistics in previous blogs about the greater risks to LGBTQ+ youth. As a reminder, the stats indicate suicide risk anywhere from 3-6 times more likely, depending on the category of LBGTQ youth.


I do hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday and in closing, I hope you will consider doing something for Giving Tuesday. It certainly does not have to be purchasing my book, but I must admit I would love that. Regardless, think of contributing to something you have a passion for. For anyone who wants a small amount to go to one of the two charities that I’ve chosen, but cannot afford to purchase the book, send me an e-mail or private message and I will purchase the book for you and send it along. I am that committed to doing my small part. Speaking of budgets, today brings some huge sales and great deals on books in the series to help y’all prepare for Compound Interest. Check the links below!

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3 thoughts on “Giving Tuesday

  1. Glad to know that buying this will really help someone who needs it. I really want to buy it but can’t find a paperback anywhere and don’t have an e-reader because my broadband is too slow to download (also resent not owning books I bought) please tell me this is going to be paperback. How can I get one.


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