My New Normal

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Easing into retirement wasn’t exactly the smoothest transition. I am using that excuse for the reason why I’ve been majorly slacking lately. I haven’t written a single word since retirement and this is my first blog since I retired. Yeah, I know, that’s horrible.


Here’s the thing, I think developing a new normal takes time. Before retirement, I was living alone and while I didn’t have a lot of extra time on my hands, most of that time was devoted to writing. Now I have tons of time and have devoted zero minutes to writing, until now. So…what the hell have I been doing?

new normal

Even after retirement, I can’t help my propensity for research. Before I would do a ton of research for blogs and for my books. Now, I research gadgets for RVs, recipes, side effects to medicinal herbs, and symptoms of what was discovered during the medical testing phase of “what the hell happened the first official day of retirement”.


I’ve got you curious, don’t I? So…here’s what happened. I retired on Friday and on Saturday while having dinner with friends, I passed out cold for several minutes. Blood pressure plummeted and I was rushed to the hospital. Turns out there are several bad things in my gut that need clearing up and apparently, proteins, etc don’t really get absorbed the way they should. Thus low blood sugar is a dangerous side effect. I’d been having dizzy spells for a long time that I simply ignored.

one of those days

So my new normal has been, buying all kinds of cool stuff for our maiden journey, going through edits for The Panty Thief (released on March 1) and Heart Strings Attached (co-written with Ali Spooner) which will be released in early April, and cooking up a storm. I guess I haven’t completely ignored writing, there are deadlines attached to getting my books out and I would never miss an editing deadline.

Wanna know what cool stuff I got? Here’s the list:

  • Aerogarden Slim (we simply must have fresh herbs for our mojitos)
  • Collapsable bowls and strainers
  • Camping pan with collapsable handle
  • Handle for the camping pots we found in storage
  • Folding spatula
  • Travel pants (a gal has to be prepared for fashion during major road trips)
  • Portable blender (gotta make those frozen margaritas and daiquiris)
  • Prayer flags to keep us from hitting our head going into the driving area of the RV


I figure that for now, I can wait to really jump start my writing for when we begin our adventure in late March, but at least I’m priming myself with this blog. I can’t wait to have stories to tell, which undoubtedly our adventure will provide for me and I will sneak them into future books. Although I make up a healthy dose of utter shit with my love of fantasy, a lot of what is embedded in my books comes from my personal experiences. Living a long time definitely has its advantages!


I sure hope you will check out The Panty Thief. It is probably my most conventional contemporary romance and it was a lot of fun to write. So far the feedback is positive and I hope that continues. As always, feel free to check out any of my books, I now have a lot to choose from!

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6 thoughts on “My New Normal

  1. Good luck on the adventure. I spent 2017-2018 living in a Class A Rv and so far Ive found a more convenient living space. If thats not the plan ignore this. Thanks for writing. I wish you many more books to be published (kind of like an early bday wish but with benifits)


  2. Well i found I tended to panic a bit until I figured out how long my mom and I could go until we needed to hit a dump site and get water. but Primarily all the KOA’s have gas, water, and dump and electric. We just got back from 2 weeks across the US to Kansas (to visit the relatives) and we stopped at the KOAs on I40 in every state. Costs about 40-60 a night and it was WELL worth every dime just so we could have heat and water refills and take hot showers in the KOA shower area. Very nice in almost all of them.
    I showered in my RV as well but I constantly worried about running out of hot water and if the tank was full in our Class C, we both got 2 showers before the water was drained.
    Just a little prep as well, we bought a Cen Tek Power Pack jumper to be able to jump the RV/Truck engine…but we were also able to use the 110 plug in on it to run small stuff, radio, laptop. It worked great so we bought 2. They are around 100$
    And I bought a box of plastic gloves to use when using the dump site. Made me feel better I guess.
    Probably a 1000 little things I am forgetting but the power pack was great and we bought some little 15$ power packs that allowed us to charge our phones and they had a light source on one end so we still use them to walk the dogs. Greatest buy ever.


    1. We got a box of gloves a long time ago and always use them when dumping our black and gray tanks! I would hope with our shit ton of solar on top we should be good….I guess we shall see. We also have a propane generator as a backup!


  3. Wow, that sounds like fun… and terrifying. I’m always afraid roadtripping will turn into a horror movie scenario, but I guess that’s my love of scary stories getting to me! I suppose the pandemic has probably changed your plans a bit. What do you guys think you’ll do?


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