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For those of you who have ever read any of my books, you already know that I almost always sprinkle humor into the story. And yet, I also usually have a serious subtext embedded within. Sometimes I wonder if that subtext is watered down because of that humor. Hmmm…this is a new conundrum I have to ponder.


I’ve mentioned previously in various forums that sometimes my books start with a joke and that certainly was what happened with my latest release, The Panty Thief. A reader was talking about their aversion to the word panties and I just had to start Panties Week to desensitize readers to a word I rather like. That evolved, or more accurately devolved, into a book about a Panty Thief. The Thief has a compulsion, an addiction, and that is where the serious subtext comes into play.


Addiction is a very serious issue and I don’t want to suggest that anyone should make light of it. I would imagine that most people have somehow been touched by addiction and thus can relate. Addiction comes in so many forms: sex, alcohol and/or drugs, theft (panties or other items), hoarding, obsessive cleanliness, etc.

kitty panties

I like to weave social issues into my stories and I do want readers to take those issues seriously. So why the humor? Because life is full of humor. And, humor can be a healthy coping mechanism. It can also be an avoidance, I get that, but laughter is good medicine.

social issues

I’m the kind of person that likes balance. To me, humor can be combined with a serious subtext to effectively make people take notice. Others may disagree and believe the humor waters down the message. and I respect those different views.


How about a scene from The Panty Thief…

“Don’t let the label fool you. This stuff is something you need right now. Some soothing tea will make a great side dish.” Joey tossed a box of organic tea to Sabrina who was biting her lip. “Later, we’ll dive into this yummy high-fiber salad full of nutrition. but we can’t afford to have you lose more body mass, thus the Boost.”

“I know I feel like I’m ninety years old, but do I look like a senior citizen? Boost? Who the hell comes up with names like that? It tastes and looks like chalk. They should call it chalkolate shake.” Carolyn emphasized the chalk in her new title.

“I’ll send the company a memo with your suggestion. I’m sure they’ll rush right out and change the name on millions of products on the shelf right now.” Joey grinned.

“Sarcasm. I like her already.”

“Well, it was my minor in college. Or rather, I claim it as my second language. Can I look underneath those bandages of yours?”

“You want to look at my naked wrists? I insist you buy me dinner first.”

Joey grinned. “I did, remember the Boost and yummy salad for later if you’re up to it.”

“Oh, right, yes. This one’s a keeper, Sabrina.”

The bottom line is that I hope my books don’t beat people over the head and come across as heavy-handed lectures. The only way I know to accomplish this is to add humor. After all, books should not only educate, but they should entertain. Hopefully, you find my books entertaining.  If you want to check them out, you know the drill, clicks on any of the links below!

Side note: No joke that this week was a real struggle to get this blog out because of my health issues, but I have prevailed!

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