Lately, I’ve felt like everything I’ve done is lackluster, including my blogs. I haven’t written anything besides my blogs in over three months. I have ideas but haven’t been too inspired to write.  My blogs of late haven’t been funny or filled with interesting research. I don’t even want to read them to check for errors because they are so boring.


Thankfully, I don’t have the coronavirus, but I’ve got some virus. I’m calling it the Boring90 because it has been at least 90 days since I’ve written a single inspiring word. I wonder if retirement turns people into cranky old women who are completely blase with nothing more to say to the world or with nothing worth listening to?


I still joke at home with my wife because she can be very funny sometimes. Every once in a while something random will pop out of her mouth and it will crack me up. I should think to record those times because I want everyone to share in that humor. But, my wife is also very private and hates when I tell stories about her. She is such a serious person most of the time that when she is joking and maintains her serious face, people don’t know how to interpret her jokes. I do. Because after 16 years, I’ve learned when she is joking.

just smile

Maybe I need to rub something to bring back the shine. Kinda like with sex…ya know…rub the right place and bam, sparks! Or should I pull some string to unravel the mystery of my locked inside wit?


LOL…speaking of strings, one thing I have done right over the last year was partner with the amazing Ali Spooner to write the third book in the Trophy Wives Club series, called Heart Strings Attached. Our styles seem to blend well together and yet remain distinct. It won’t be difficult to know which voice wrote a particular character. The story is told through two distinctly different characters and we went back and forth to tell the story in first person. I love first person, Ali…well, not so much. But she stretched and did a brilliant job! I hope you will check out our combined work and enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. And…don’t forget my previous book, The Panty Thief.  I have a low bar now for success…break even. And that book hasn’t quite gotten there despite those who have read it telling me they loved it!


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2 thoughts on “Lackluster

  1. My friend … Please be gentle with yourself. You’re newly retired, enjoying your time with your beloved, and you must relax and stay in the moment. You’re a brilliant writer. Please give yourself a break and just enjoy your life. You’ve more than earned it. Stay safe and sheltered. Peace Patti

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