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I don’t think I am exactly “famous” for making up words, but it has been noticed on more than one occasion. Several readers have noticed my propensity for making up new words. It’s something I do. I tried to think back to when this started. Sure, when a writer creates make-believe worlds, it is bound to have made-up words. But, I am not really known for complicated world-building, even in my sci-fi or fantasy novels. I suppose since my first novel was a paranormal light novel, there might have been a few made-up words to go with the genre, but since that novel, I’ve included made-up curse words and other words that simply pop into my demented little brain. I enjoy smushing concepts together to create a word.


So…I thought I would provide a dictionary for y’all, even though for the most part, I believe I weaved in the definitions whenever I created the new word. I am  sure there are more words than I can remember off the top of my head, but here are the more memorable words:

Lesbigilo – A Lesbian Gigilo

Misorude – A person who is both misogynist and rude (although admittedly a misogynist is a rude person).

Semash – A mash-up of genres that combine two entirely different sequels into one book. Romantic thriller meets urban fantasy. Compound Interest combined the characters in two different series.

Squieries – A sequel that turns into a series when the writer decides maybe she’ll write just one more at the ninth hour.

Romash – Combining romance with another genre such as sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, etc. Most of my novels fall into the romash category.

Lunner or Dinch – A combination of lunch and dinner.

Titnob – The female equivalent of a dicknob, which essentially is the same as asshat, twatwaffle, or fuckturd.

Smeet or Lirk – A cross between a smeer and a lirk.

Fuckfest – Spending all day or all night in bed having really great sex.

Poopbiscuits – G-rated term for shit.

Scrotumface – Same as dicknob, asshat, twatwaffle, etc. I do enjoy making up derogatory words for assholes.

Donkeyhole – Probably pretty evident…I think you can figure this G-rated swearword.

Fuckhaze – That unique state one finds themself in when they’ve engaged in a fuckfest and can’t string two words together. This particular state is very similar to many people prior to their first cup of coffee.

curse words

Feebie – FBI Agent.


Pandemblock – This is my latest word for what is happening to me and a few other authors…the inability to write due to a depressive state caused by the pandemic.

home meme

While doing research, I found this link to twenty-four new words that should be included in the dictionary. They were hysterical and brilliant: New Words. Clearly, I am not the only one with a propensity for making up new words!

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few words, but hey, I ain’t getting any younger. So, feel free to let me know which ones and I’ll be sure to give you the definition! If anyone wants to discover my made-up words on their own…you know the drill, feel free to click on the links below. As a reminder…anyone who is truly interested in reading any of my books, but is finding themselves a little short of cash during this unprecedented time, send me a private message and I will make sure to get you a copy.


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2 thoughts on “My Fiction Dictionary

  1. I can hear my editor from college, an international student from India who spoke better English than all of us…”WHat is this word you are using? It is a pretend word. I cannot know if it is correct.” They had a running list on my wall.


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