Unprecedented is a word I’ve been hearing more and more in recent history. Flashing red lights have been happening with increasing frequency and it makes me wonder what will finally occur to shake the cult-like following of forty percent of our nation?


We are now in a dangerous new normal. The talk of putting economics above human life should scare the living shit out of us all, but it doesn’t. Instead, the new normal is to ignore the flashing red lights and hope it all works out. Too many people are continuing to follow a cult leader who is “perfect” and who knows what is best for everyone. He has set himself up as a God and there is a large percentage of people who will follow him to the depths of hell. Unfortunately, that big hell-hole will suck the rest of us down with him if we let him.


I have to believe that heroes and heroines will rise up to fight this suck into hell. It will not be without sacrifice. It never is. Individual states will take a stance. Others will continue to shout out the facts. And the millions of heroes and heroines who think beyond their own needs will prevail. Make no mistake, this will be the defining moment in history for many of us.


I am sure that I am just one of the millions who feel out of control and don’t know what to do to make things better for others who are less fortunate.  What will be our new normal in the future? Will this crisis mend our nation or create additional catastrophe and division? How will this affect the next generation? Each generation has its own major historical event that colors their view of the world. Those events have a long-lasting impact on those born in that era regarding how they react to work, relationships, family, etc. The experts who study generational dynamics are sure to have a field day with how the current events will affect us for years to come.


Virtual everything will undoubtedly increase exponentially. Will there be any in-person book clubs or conferences in the future? Or will everything be behind a computer not allowing any face to face interaction? Even though I am an introvert (as most authors are), I’m not sure I want to embrace that new normal. I would very much miss my annual trek to Palm Springs to see my new book and author friends.

new normal1

I will send my wishes and hopes to the universe to ensure our new normal is not complete social isolation. I don’t believe that will be the answer long-term. Short-term, yes, we must make those sacrifices for the greater good. In the meantime, I will read, read, read. If the rest of you are coping in the same way, maybe you will check out some of my books!

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