An Extended Vacation…


While some people are going stir crazy with the stay at home orders, I’ve settled in quite nicely to the new routine. Sure, I’m a little disappointed that we weren’t able to make our maiden journey in our RV to visit my father. And…to be honest, a little anxious at not getting to see him because his health is failing and I would definitely feel a lot of guilt if something happened before we get a chance to visit. But, I am viewing this whole stay at home order as a staycation. A really long staycation.


Here’s the thing…For the past eight years prior to retirement, my wife and I have lived apart for almost the whole time, with the exception of a brief 6 month period after she retired (for a nanosecond-true retirement came 3 years later) and moved to the condo. We had a lot of reconnecting time to make up for. Thus I am not all that upset about being locked away with my wife. I am one of the lucky ones because we finally both retired and the timing has worked out for us.


So what the heck am I doing with my time? Not writing (with the exception of this weekly blog). Here’s my decadent lazy day:

7:00ish – Wake up and clean out all the litter boxes

8:00ish – Eat breakfast of yogurt or steel cuts oats and if I’m in a crazy mood, I make blueberry pancakes.

8:30ish – Do my OCD thing with news, checking Amazon rankings and any new reviews, then pop onto Facebook.

9:00ish – Turn on CNN for more news because I can’t help myself.

10:00ish – Work out.

11:30ish – Shower cause I stink from all the sweating I did while working out.

Noonish – Lunch and determine if it’s nice enough to sit outside and catch some rays while reading.

2:00ish – More TV and reading at the same time. This is where binge-watching either news, Special Victims Unit, Criminal Intent, or any of the new binge shows pop onto my radar.  I also go on Facebook here and there.


5:00ish – Prepare and eat dinner.

6:00ish – Rinse and repeat what I usually do at 2:00ish.

9:00ish – Fall asleep with my head in my wife’s lap while she does her nightly head rub. Yup, I am spoiled!


I know, I know, I lead such an exciting life! On occasion, I will shake things up by donning my mask and heading to the grocery store or Post Office. And when I really want to go out on the ledge, I go with my wife on a mini outing (to a special bakery or store that is a few hours away).


Thank goodness for lesfic/WLW books because I need to break up my incessant watching of TV with something.  If y’all need something to break you away from binge-watching all day…you know the drill, click the links below, there are plenty of KU books as well as others. I even have two new books to consider!


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