Rolling Home

My wife and I have taken the stay the fuck at home orders seriously. We only go out to the grocery store, take out places, and post office. We religiously wear our masks, wash our hands, wipe everything down while in the store, etc. We canceled our trip to Texas after the Lonestar Book Event was canceled. That was very painful to do because we were both looking forward to seeing friends and family. Even more painful was having to cancel the remainder of the journey to see my father.


My father’s health is not great and I would feel horrible if something happened while we’re still on lockdown. Thus the great debate in our household.

nap virus

We’ve been waiting to see what happens with various states re-opening. Neither of us is in favor of the states relaxing their stay at home rules, but we’ve had a raging debate about whether to make the trek to Florida or not. My wife is more hesitant than I am. She doesn’t want to get stuck in a red state like Montana for fourteen days. For some reason, Montana is stuck in her brain. She’s painted this picture of a highway patrol chasing us down and making us quarantine ourselves. I’ve argued that what is the difference between staying in the RV and staying in our condo? It’s not like we’re going to be going to bars and restaurants along the way. Besides, how will they make sure we don’t simply roll away in the middle of the night and head to another state while they’re tracking down some other unsuspecting cross country traveler? Is there such a thing as RV jail?


I’ve renamed the RV our rolling home. We’ll continue to adhere to social distancing and only go to the store when we need to. We’ve decided to fill up the refrigerator so that we won’t have to go to the store in other states that are less restrictive than Washington. We plan on doing everything in our power to avoid the gun-toting, naked face protesters that don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. We’ll continue running the other way when coming across another person without a mask. Those yahoos are still abundant in every single state. If we do end up connecting with friends and family, there will be no hugging. We’ll lift our drinks to the sky at least six feet away from one another while making manual clink clink noises (you know, saying clink clink instead of smacking our glasses together).


This Epic journey will start this Sunday and I’ll try to keep everyone informed where we’re going and where we’ll be. We have one destination so far and everything else is up for debate. My job is to track our course. I’ll do that before we leave. Probably right before we leave because procrastination is my constant companion. Funny how staying at home has had the exact opposite impact. The busier I am, the more I get done!


I’ve no clever way to weave in my books, so I’ll just encourage you again to check out the links below! Reading is still a pleasant way to pass this time. At least that’s my opinion! And don’t forget about the panel with Isabella, Virginia Black and myself on May 9th (yup tomorrow), 7:30pm Eastern Standard Time (US); May 10th 2020 GMT (United Kingdom) 00:30am -1:30am; May 10th,  2020 (Australia)   9:30am-10:30am AEDT. Registration for the event is required. Attendees will have a chance to win books from Isabella and myself.  Click here: To Register



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2 thoughts on “Rolling Home

  1. Annette, Safe travels girl. It sounds like you will be no doubt safer than some of the idiots yelling about their rights. I will send up traveling mercies daily and hope you can blog the journey a little. I wish Kansas would be a safe place to stop but dumb fucks abound. Tell the wife, Montana has the lowest # of cases and if you motor on thru they will be too busy cleaning their guns to stop you. Ok maybe that last piece is not important. LOL. Really I hope you can safely get to your Dad and enjoy the trip. Pam


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