Just Google It

Lately, I’ve been conducting a shit-ton of research on Google. Y’all are probably cheering right now…or maybe not…thinking I am writing again. Sadly, I’m not. Google research has become my second favorite pastime during the pandemic. See, I’ve been reading a lot…books, news, Facebook posts, conspiracy theories (for laughs), etc. I’ve also shared my free time with watching Nexflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, etc. In the middle of a sentence or a show I’m watching I hit the pause button or flip over to a new page on my iPad to Google when a particular topic sparks my interest based on what I’m reading or viewing.

Lately, this has taken me to sites about Demon Sperm, Anne Lister, Empathetic Transference, and my favorite….Delay Wipes. I don’t know if all these topics should be capitalized or not, but I thought they definitely should based on either how interesting they were or their giggle appeal. Y’all really don’t want to know about Demon Sperm. And, I am quite sure I am late to the party watching Gentlemen Jack, so I’ll skip over Anne Lister as well. That leaves me with Delay Wipes and Empathetic Transference.

I was reading someone’s post about Delay Wipes and I just had to look them up. Are the wipes designed to delay contracting COVID-19 by doing a half-assed job of cleaning your kitchen surface? Nope. These are wipes for men who want to delay ejaculation. Seriously, that’s what they are for. Can you imagine picking them up on error because all the disinfectant wipes are gone and then swiping your counters with them? Ew. Shutter. Google this. I dare you!

The other search on Empathetic Transference was a lot more interesting. I was reading KJ’s book The Art of Magic (great book by the way) and I just had to Google this concept that she wrote about. I really wanted this to be a real thing. I even searched for an article noted in the book hoping it was real. I couldn’t find it. But…and this is important…that doesn’t mean it does not exist. I don’t wish to give too much away about KJ’s book so I won’t tell you much more about it. Although, like her character in the book, I did have fun with my Google research on the topic.

My latest WIP (Sculpting her Heart) had a beta reader doing her own Google search and I consider that a big win. The search was for biting during sex. I’ll just let that one sit with y’all. One of these days I will return to writing and my Google research won’t be about extraneous topics that spark my interest mid-sentence or mid-show. In the meantime, I believe most people who read my books get the sense that I do a shit-ton of research and hopefully it shows. Want to check my books out, you know the drill.

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