A Bad Breakup

It’s hard for me not to think of Trump’s temper tantrums and bad behavior as similar to a horrible breakup, with a psychopathic edge. We all know those people who react in the extreme when we’ve kicked them to the curb, and now the United States is getting a front seat view. Our worst nightmare is playing out. First, he is refusing to accept the break-up. He’s convinced all his friends that we really didn’t break up after all. The American people love him. Gag…But, just in case, he’s decided that if the American people don’t want him as a leader anymore, he’ll make it impossible for anyone else to take his place. Sound familiar? Ever watched one of those scary made for TV movies where the boyfriend kills his ex-girlfriend because he can’t bear for someone else to have her.

So, what’s he doing to ensure our new leader won’t be successful and he’s not accepted the break-up? The list below is just a few of those things:

  • Challenging every swing state’s votes in court.
  • Refusing to allow a peaceful transfer of power.
  • Removing military troops from the Middle East to further destabilize the area.
  • Rushing to make an arms deal to the United Arab Emirates which fundamentally changes the balance of power in the Middle East.
  • Refusing to do anything about the rising COVID cases and deaths and insisting that he personally receive credit for the vaccine.
  • Firing anyone who has the audacity to challenge his delusions (via tweet), including his most loyal followers.
  • Threatening to strike Iran.
  • Making sure the senate never authorizes any more relief to people who are struggling even though the lines for food are near depression era levels. For a country who supposed to be so rich, I’ve never seen anything like this in my lifetime.

The man is spiraling out of control and there is no end the his reign of terror. He will make us pay for the break up. Like an abusive relationship, we have to hold firm and never let him worm his way in again. I honestly don’t believe our democracy will survive if we let him continue his temper tantrum. He already has bullied a majority of the republicans to take his side in this break up even though he is clearly the person who is most to blame.

I’ve just completed a dystopian manuscript using much of what obsesses me at this moment in the news. It has a happy ending, but there are ominous parallels because I had to put my discomfort with current events on paper. Fortunately, fiction allows me to make a story bend to my will. I wish real life events worked that way. My way to work through terrible break-ups is by writing stories. If you’re interested in checking them out…you know the drill, just click the links below!

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2 thoughts on “A Bad Breakup

  1. I love this entry! Your writing reflects what I think we’re all feeling. I fear it will take Biden-Harris a long time to undo the damage he has done, if they can. My worry is that he will resign and give Pence time to pardon him and his brood of uglies for any and all crimes committed.

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