Cancer Sucks…Part II

I vaguely recall writing about this before because cancer is that terrible disease that has affected far too many people in my life. The helpless feeling I have when cancer takes a person well before their time is something that I can’t ever put into words. This powerless feeling sucks. Another angel lost their life to this terrible disease and I keep wondering why. Rhonda, we love you and will miss your glorious spirit. In Billy Joel’s famous words, “Only the good die young…”

I suppose my lack of faith in God doesn’t help, but I do hope that those who believe are comforted by their faith. Unfortunately part of my nerdiness manifests in my inability to deal with this part of life. I’m awkward and inefficient with my support of those who are feeling the pain way more than me. I can’t even imagine losing my wife to cancer and yet that is what my good friend is experiencing. It sucks.

As a person who always wants to find the answer to making a person feel better, cancer leaves no perfect solution. And, I struggle to provide the support needed. Offering to be there for the person seems hollow, especially thousands of miles away. Sometimes writing helps me work through these overwhelming emotions, but stories with happily ever afters rarely allow for the stark reality of life and death. I can only hope my dear friend will find second time around love. I doubt I would. That’s why I intend to live this life to its fullest with my beautiful wife because life is short!

I’m not going to make a plug for any of my books, because that would be so wrong on so many levels. Instead, I’d like everyone who reads my blog to pray or send whatever thoughts to the universe they feel appropriate that a cure for cancer or any other illness that takes people before their time will surface and stop any future pain to those that are unlucky enough to suffer from this fate. Sorry to not plug the My Lesfic sales this week from fellow Affinity authors. Somehow, I know you understand! Peace to everyone.

11 thoughts on “Cancer Sucks…Part II

  1. Thank you for this. I feel the same way. It’s so hard to convey my feelings to those suffering through such a profound loss. I’m sure that our friend knows how you feel. Hopefully the love and support we have for her will shine when she reads her e-mails. I don’t personally know her but really do feel that she is my friend just by reading her books and interacting on social media. I think it is safe to say that the vast majority of readers have experienced this same harrowing time in our own lives. I know that I have! Thank you again for voicing your thoughts. I will continue to pray for “our friend”.

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  2. Your loss has so much pain. Like you, I don’t believe in religion. I lost my brother three days before 9-11 and the pain was compounded by our country’s losses. The Universe provides relief. Please rely on your wife and other friends to get you through this tragic time. The Universe will harbor your friend and give her the resolve and strength to withstand her significant loss and eventually be able to move forward. Winter always turns into Spring. There is hope. Peace, my friend

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  3. Rhonda, know you are loved and I know you are flying high with your angels. I’m so glad that we were able to spend 3 wonderful days with you! Many many laughs, I thank you!


  4. A few months ago, a friend said to me that when our friends and family cross over to join the ancestors, it is a day of joy for them. We remember them the most on their birthday because that is when they joined us here. Sending you all love and energy.


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