Shiny New Objects

Most everyone knows I have a touch of OCD, but lately I’m wondering about my increasing lack of attention to any one thing. I’ll read while watching the news (and yelling at the news), then I’ll switch over to one of my games (Bingo, Word Serenity or Match to Win) or I’ll scroll through Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail, all while petting at least one of my attention starved cats. My wife vacillates between amusement and irritation over the amount of time I spend on these games. When I was addicted to Kitten Match, I would play all day, so I had to delete that app. Unfortunately, these games pay cash and I’m hooked, thinking the next scratch or win will be the big one for me! I dream of waking my wife up one morning, shouting that I just won a thousand dollars. But, what is evident to me is that I gravitate to the next shiny object. Eventually, I am sure I’ll delete these games and find something else to satisfy my miniscule attention span. I’m not sure if my cat, Nicky, takes after me, or I take after her. We joke about Nicky being our little ADHD kitty because she is constantly getting into something. It’s like she’s bored and just looking to get into trouble.

I am embarrassed to admit that I do this with books as well. I’ll be reading one book and pop onto Facebook, only to be reminded of the next book that I must read based on recommendations from people I trust. This will cause me to download whatever new book catches my eye, even if I have ten already in the queue, and then I start on that book right away. This doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying whatever book I’m reading, I simply have the attention span of a gnat. This morning, I did that very thing, I was happily reading the other stories in the Lady Grimm II and very much enjoying them, but I had to have Hat Trick by KL Gallagher and Ali Spooner, so I promptly bought that book and started reading it. Now I am bouncing between the two, while playing games, and writing this blog!

If there are other people out there like me, who just have to get the latest book by a favorite author, maybe a few of you follow me and are looking for something new. Well…you know the drill, just click one of the links below. Besides The Others having come out in July (I know ages ago), I have a short story in Lady Grimm II, a short in The Lone Star Collection coming out soon, and Sculpting Her Heart is coming out in audio soon! Hopefully you’ll want to grab all of those shiny new objects! And…don’t forget about the two sale books this week from Affinity authors, with my book The Review on sale as well as Alane Hotchkin’s My Everything.

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2 thoughts on “Shiny New Objects

  1. Annette, I have struggling with the same thing just not the games. My TBR list looks like a library and if I never bought another book I could read for a year. And then an author I love gets her book in audible and I have to buy it. So I admit to the addiction and well I will just enjoy the reading. So glad you find time to write🤗😙 Pam


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