Nerd Alert


A little less than a year ago I got an e-mail from Julie Dragon and Erin O’Reilly who wanted to Skype with me to talk about my submission.

Holy shit, two of my favorite authors wanted to Skype with me. To say I was all in a twitter would have been an understatement. Did I handle this with grace and dignity. Oh heck no. I sent an e-mail confessing to my nervousness because I was such a huge fan. I’d read their Hell Meets Heaven series and the Destiny series and I just had to tell them what a huge fan I was.

Since then I developed a Facebook page under my pen name and this word press site because that’s what was recommended to a new author. Affinity gave me a huge start by connecting me to all their Facebook friends. Since then I’ve been more active on Facebook than I’ve ever been before and have conversed with some of my favorite authors. Since then I’ve learned that several of my absolute favorite authors are really nice people, just like Erin and Julie.

I’ll have to find a way not to slobber all over myself at the GCLS conference when I meet some of them in person. In my mind all of these favorite writers are like celebrities and I suppose they always will be.

I don’t think I’ll ever lose my awe of some of them, but maybe someday I’ll develop the skills to just shut my trap and lose a bit of my nerdiness.

Finally, just recently another all time favorite author starting following this word press site and I had to wonder, did she just click the wrong button? I follow her and her wife’s blog because they are so darned funny. Surely she isn’t really interested in my dribble…

So to the small handful that are following this – my sincere thanks and once again I am letting my nerd flag fly high.

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