I Love Technology-Okay Not

password change

Okay so I believe I have to yank down the nerd flag after this morning’s fire drill.

I don’t know what happened because I used to love technology and computers. I would scour the internet for obscure code to do special things with my Access Databases and the internet site that I designed and made for my ex-girlfriend (artist number three – a singer). I found fancy ways of streaming her songs and incorporated a cute little animated girl who talked to you.

Here it is twelve years later and the ex is long gone (actually a good thing) and I can’t even figure out how to change my password at work without messing it up. I struggle with Facebook and how to change my profile picture or add a cover photo. Don’t even get me started on twitter. I think I’ve managed to do something as stupendous as solving world hunger after figuring out how to post on Word Press.
So where did that woman who wasn’t afraid of HTML go?

Here’s what happened today. It’s 7:15a and I stroll into my office, make my oatmeal, and plop my butt in my rolling chair to do my timecards. Payroll doesn’t really care if it’s a holiday or not, timecards are due by 11:00a sharp. I’m the only one in my office because it’s President’s Day.

I get the dreaded your password has expired message from outlook. I know security is important, but do we really have to change our passwords every month. I proceed to change my password. I type in the old password and then type in a new password—twice. Then I get a new message. You can’t change the outlook password, stupid. I’m paraphrasing now because the new message goes off the screen and now I’m locked out. I’ll admit the computer didn’t really call me stupid, but WTF. The computer just told me my password expired, asked for a new password, then wouldn’t let me change it.

I try to get into Kronos, our timecard program and no matter which password I put in, it won’t let me have access. I try to call payroll to tell them I might be a tad late doing my timecards, but they aren’t there yet. I’m the only stupid one to come in early on a holiday
I vaguely recall an e-mail from IT about limited hours on the holiday and some procedure you have to follow to get assistance. Thank God, I left the e-mail in my in-box, which is still on the computer. Unfortunately the message directs you to refer to the after hours procedure because IT isn’t here on a holiday. Of course they aren’t because you never have problems with the computers on a holiday. I can’t look up the procedure because I’M LOCKED OUT from our Intranet.

I hear voices on the other side of my office wall. Thank God, Community Relations is here today. I walk over and ask them if I can get some help looking up the after hours IT procedure on the Intranet. They are very helpful as we go on an archeological dig to find the information. Of course it’s not on their IT page, or other places that I call the usual suspects. We finally find it on Administration’s page. I get Community Relations to send a help desk request to their super secret location and then I’m directed to call the House Supervisor who will call IT to ask them to help me. God forbid they allow me to call for help myself. I apologize profusely to the House Supervisor because I know she has better things to do than bail my stupid ass out. I thank her over and over again for helping me.

IT calls back and informs me that it will take at least an hour for the password reset to work and they will try to push it along, but INHS, the company we go through for outside IT services, has a timetable of their own.

Payroll calls me back and I explain my dilemma. They are nice and offer to help if I can’t get my timecards done in the timeframe.

Where did my love of computers go? It must have expired along with my password.

One thought on “I Love Technology-Okay Not

  1. I can sympathise with your password dilemma. The IT department where I worked abandoned the change your password once a month idea because it just created more work for them. However security was a problem because this was in a school where the kids were more technologically skilled than a lot of the teachers. And it often wasn’t hard to work out their passwords as they would use the names of their children or pets.


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