Identity Crisis

I’m having an identity crisis…no not about my sexuality. There is absolutely no confusion there because I am 100% a lesbian. My identity crisis has to do with my writing.

My debut book Love Forever, Live Forever was considered paranormal by some readers. For the rabid fans of paranormal, I suspect it fell far short of the mark. I often described it as a love story that happened to have paranormal characters because first loves was the central theme not vampires and shape-shifters.

The next story, The True Story of Valentines Day was a free short story that I suppose some would consider fantasy, complete with dragons and set in a medieval time frame. However, the fantasy purists might find it sorely lacking in the elements of what they would consider a true fantasy. I saw it as a love story. Shortly thereafter, I wrote Two Elves In Love which was another free story and I don’t think there is a category for that one. Is there a holiday genre I wonder?  The elves were not your typical fantasy elves, but instead one  was an elf in Santa’s workshop and the other a Keebler elf…as in the cookies!  I love cookies.

I had a dream and the next book, Asset Management materialized as romantic intrigue. Shortly after Asset Management, I wrote Out of This World which was barely a sci fi book. I call it sci fi light because once again it was a love story first and the sci if element was almost an afterthought. img_0056
When I wrote Locked Inside, I never intended for readers to consider the book as young adult. In reality, I wrote the book because I wanted to do a contemporary romance that was just a tad different than a normal formulaic novel. It was nominated in the contemporary romance category and not young adult, but I suppose the age of the main characters created the notion that it was in the young adult genre.

img_0057 I was continuing to hear that contemporary romance is queen, so I wrote The Ultimate Betrayal. However, I could not resist throwing in a unique twist to the age old story of betrayal. So…back to the drawing board and The Review was born. This was going to be a straight up romance, but then I got the idea to toss in a mystery. One review noted this book was a mash up..kind of like two songs that get mashed together. In this instance, I mashed together romance and mystery. This is where I had my aha moment.  I realized that every single one of my books is in essence a mash-up. Perhaps I should invent a new sub-genre called “mash-up”.

img_0061 The new book coming out in February titled, The Termination is sort of a dystopian romance. However, in my typical fashion, you can’t really call it a dystopian novel. I don’t even believe it can be categorized as dystopian light and after you read it you’ll understand why.

So, you see, I have an identity crisis as a writer. In the same fashion as sexual exploration, I keep dabbling in the various genres trying to decide which one I like. I’ve found I like them all not unlike….oh never mind….Perhaps I just have a ravenous, experimental, open-minded attitude and enjoy an immense need for variety in my life. Or maybe it is just a product of my ADHD. One thing you can count on in my novels is that they will always have a love story…so part of the mash up will be romance and the book will always end well. I like reading happily ever after, so that’s what I write.


If you’d like to read how I jump sub-genres or mash up novels, you know the drill…click on one of the links below.

Affinity Author Page         Amazon Author Page

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