LCLC Early Recap

I wasn’t sure what to think about this conference because I hadn’t ever been to the LCLC before and now that I am here, all I can say is this fits me to a T. The small intimate atmosphere and welcoming environment sucked me right in from the start. When we arrived at 1:30am and walked into our room, there were two goody bags with our names on them and a snack bag waiting for us.  Even through our bleary eyes, we recognized the special touch to make us feel a part of the gang.


On the very first session where LCLC had an audience participation session on police procedures, I was quick to shoot my hand up and offer my willing participation (I mean who doesn’t want to play with handcuffs). In all seriousness, the session was fascinating. I don’t write cop stories, but if I did, I now know the pitfalls and how to write a more realistic scene.


After we returned from the evening event on Thursday night, most of us went back to our rooms to post pics, relax, do a little writing, and then I had a hankering for some candy. I snuck outside to the pool area and was enticed by cigar smoke. No, I don’t smoke cigars, but I have fond memories from when my grandfather did. Lee thought I said my grandmother and I corrected her even though having a grandmother toting a cigar would have been more interesting.


On Friday, I was riveted by Lee Lynch’s talk on the history of Lesbian Fiction, and Lou Anne Smoot’s very personal coming out story that she shares in her book, Out, A Courageous Woman’s Journey.  I participated in a panel on hooking and engaging the reader and had to honestly state that I have absolutely no flippin’ clue how I hook readers. I appreciate that many of you have been kind enough to let me know that I “suck you in right from the start.”  Maybe a few of you can shoot me a clue on how I do that. I’ll buy that clue from you, so that next time I’m asked that question I won’t look like a total doofus.


As far as what I chose to read, I went to my go to, most talked about non-sex, sex scene from Out of This World and also a short passage from my new book The Review. I stumbled through both. Have I mentioned lately how much I stress over readings? I think there might be a GoPro video that will surface on this.


The readings and panels were all top notch. Chris asked us if we would read poolside and we all said, “Hell Yes!” Where else can you go for a lesbian fiction conference and the audience is already wet and waiting in the pool? Go ahead all you gutter minds…I give you permission to go there….

It’s now Saturday morning and although I usually put out my blog out on Friday, I’m going to wait for one more day to sneak in the highlights of my fun-filled adventure at the LCLC.


Saturday brought some enlightening information about marketing and promotion, including developing a tagline and a unique “brand” as an author. I’m not exactly sure what brand or tagline I should develop. The only words I could think of to describe who I am as an author or person are unconventional, colloquial, goober, and doofus. For some reason I don’t think that is what the experts would suggest. Perhaps some of the readers out there have better ideas to shoot my way.


I was also able to spend some time in the pool so I could say I’d been to a warmer climate with my newly formed tan. In the pool we started talking (again) about pineapples and the way the fruit influences how…um…you know…a person tastes. Of course my wife who is a clinical researcher had to throw in her two cents and the discussion quickly devolved into designing a true research study. She wanted us to research how body weight, amount of fruit, and the time between consumption and um…you know…the fun activity, changed the taste. So…we are looking for 100 lesbian couples to engage in purely scientific research for the betterment of the lesbian community. Who wants to sign up?? We won’t divulge anyone’s name and if you’re single, you can still participate. We’ve just given you the best line ever. ”But…it’s for science, don’t you want to assist in advancing the science of lesbian sex? It will be a noble endeavor….”


The highlight of the conference was meeting authors I correspond with on Facebook and reconnecting with authors I’ve met before. Who wouldn’t enjoy connecting with Renee Mackenzie, Darla Baker, Linda North, Sandy Duggar, Isabella, Lee Lynch, BL Clark, SY Thompson, Baxter Clare Trautman, Karelia Stetz-Walters, Lou Anne Smoot, Lucy Madison, Tara Wentz, and Shelly Thrasher. Of course the other highlight was meeting some wonderful readers who I received new Facebook friend requests from. I didn’t get their permission, so I won’t call them out.


In conclusion I am conducting my own little research after listening to the promotion panel…will this blog generate sales or not? So…if this prompts you to check out my books, start to follow me, or the pinnacle of success, buy my book…you know the drill. Please, pretty please, with pineapple juice on top, click on the links below.

Affinity Author Page         Amazon Author Page

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9 thoughts on “LCLC Early Recap

  1. Little Sis ( chuckle) I dont think your wife nor your fans think of Annette Mori as doofus, goober.

    Comley certainly, rather a Wayfarer , a Buccaneer , a bit of a Rogue.

    Be Well little one. Our best to you and your wife.


  2. Enjoyed the blog almost as much as I enjoy you writing. Looking forward to spending a little more time with you this year in Chicago. I’d like to learn a little about how you became such a focused writer.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds like a fun event. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I don’t think there is anything at all wrong with being a doofus or a goober. I find it quite charming and really see no need to you to change anything or forge a different path. You draw people in by being you…open, genuine, warm and funny. I find that very engaging and charmingly sexy. You’ve grown a lot as an author and undoubtedly will continue to do so. Unless we’re dead or stagnant, we also grow as people every day but I see no need for you to change a thing.

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