WARNING: The latter part of this blog contains an ick worthy section. My propensity for finding humor in the most outrageous things knows no bounds. So… I’ve found a way to answer the challenge tossed out regarding the ability to weave into a few short paragraphs all those words or phrases we hate in lesfic.  Granted, those words are very unique to everyone so there may be some that are over the top, and others that a fan might enjoy reading, but in combination, it truly hits the mark. I am sure I will hear a collective ewwwww from my little corner of the world. If you don’t wish to burn your eyes, skip the last quarter of the blog! However, like a car wreck, I know you won’t be able to resist craning your neck and reading all the way to the bitter end!


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been doing some serious soul-searching about passion. What am I passionate about at this stage in my life? Certainly, I am still passionate about loving my wife, but what else encourages me to get up in the morning?


As I get closer to retirement, I’d like to say I’m still passionate about my day job, but that might be an embellishment. I’d also like to claim a passion for writing, but that also is a topic of deep pondering for me at this moment. There are certain issues I love to write about and I do believe I have a passion for those. Yet, I have to dig deeper to find a passion for other topics and I’m not sure my mining has produced discernable results.


A friend recently shined a light in my direction and let me know what I probably already understood…readers can tell when the passion is not there. So here’s what I’ve discovered after some careful introspection. I care passionately about education, social consciousness, love and respect for all humans and animals, regardless of our differences. I’ve managed to sneak some of my passions into my books…hidden beneath the romance. When my attempts at education are subtle, it works, and when I try to push it…I think the jury is still out on that. I believe for some it is what they are screaming for, and for others, not so much.


A recent thread asked the question about why lesbians felt the need to tell their parents about their sexual orientation.  This was a topic I have a passion for, so I typed several responses. I’ve never written a coming out book filled with angst, although I probably could have done this based on my personal experience in the 80s. I don’t consider myself a rainbow flag waving militant lesbian, and yet I believe passionately about not hiding who I am. Talking about my spouse without playing the pronoun game and introducing her as my wife is a sign of respect to her and our relationship. I believe if I stutter step or hesitate in any way, the message is our relationship is something to be embarrassed about or hide, and it is wrong. I won’t do that to her or me.


In most of my books, being a lesbian is a non-issue. Only once have I made a character closeted and that had to do more with her lack of self-esteem. Mabel Butt had a lot to overcome besides her laughable name. She was an awkward teen who never realized that she had turned into a beautiful swan.


I have come to one conclusion, writing is a fragile passion, and thus I will treat it with the respect it deserves. I choose to write about things that touch me deeply. I hope there is also an entertainment component, but what truly is an inspiration to me are the stories that educate and open people’s minds to different ways of thinking.


I’ll bet you’re wondering how the hell I’ll be able to weave in that outrageous passage? Well…while I was soul searching over the last few weeks, I spent a great deal of time on Facebook…reading posts, answering posts, and generally letting my fellow Facebook friends drag me out of my funk. I realized another thing about passions. I found that I have a passion for surrounding myself with laughter and humor and when the gauntlet was tossed out to incorporate all those words into one scene, my competitive side took over and I found my passion for writing again. I joked about doing improvisational writing because it took a bit of pressure off of me to produce something worthy of reading. I’ve worried a lot about my ability to write another book as good as Locked Inside and suffice it to say, I have serious doubts about that.  This along with other questions has caused a screeching halt to my writing. So…..without further ado…here is what I came up with (the words in bold are the ones I was required to weave into the scene in case you were wondering):

Through the cameltoe in Heaven’s panties, Maya could almost see the dewey moist folds in her dripping cave. She wanted to use her own shaft from her caruncle, like a stalagmite. She hoped Heaven’s juices would run down her inner thighs so that she could taste the honey dipped petals and lick her tiny pearl beneath the soft moist moss. Her fingers hovered over the hole.

Heaven screamed, “Do it, ram your finger into my box all the way to the seeds buried within because my vestibule is your vestibule. I am like a delicate flower opening my snatch for you to probe my split tail. God, you make me so damn discombobulated that I can’t help but shudder until my molten lava covers your own soft sticky moss.”

Maya’s own pussy felt like it was connected to her turgid nipples. “I think my slit just found your slot and they are both dancing with joy right now.” She thought it was quite the juxtaposition to see her distended quim next to Heaven’s engorged clit nearly waving to one another. Maya couldn’t wait one more second as she pressed herself against Heaven’s warm, fuzzy, mound and put her hand on her fanny in gesture that was anything but companionable. Raw unbridled hot monkey sex was what she desired. At this rate there was no way a sluice with cold water would remove the evidence of their passion.

Just so you know who to blame for the above passage…Robin Hicks started it! Oh and because I am not naming all of her accomplices doesn’t mean you get a free pass….y’all know who you are. You were cheering quite loudly on the sidelines. Side note: I know that the c-word was included in the list, but I just could not bring myself to incorporate that word into the passage – I do have my limits.


Now for my own challenge to all the writers out there or budding writers….using the picture below, write a scene with every clinical term listed. The gauntlet has been thrown…who will rise to the challenge? We could produce an anthology called….Bad Sex or maybe Bad Passionate Sex and offer up the proceeds to a deserving charity.


Celebrate your passions during the holiday season and give your love and acceptance freely to those around you.  Peace be with you.  I am so fortunate to have so many readers who accept me Quirks and all.  Thank you.  Wanna read more…you know the drill…click the links below.

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9 thoughts on “Passion….

  1. Oh My. Annette. Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant.

    I would hate that you stopped writing. We readers would be denied wonderful stories you write. But if you lost your passion for it then as a reader , we’re still blessed with almost a dozen of your works.


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