Becoming Toni….


Once again, I found myself not having any flippin’ idea what to write about and one of my Facebook pals suggested a blog on people who become my characters. It was intriguing enough for me to let my mind wander and consider the topic.


My first reaction was, that would be so dangerous. Who in the world would want to become an obsessive-compulsive snoop, a person with Locked Inside syndrome, a paranoid vigilante, an HR Director with intimacy issues, a science geek who steals from the rich, a lesbian bigamist (who gets caught), a shy librarian with low self-esteem, a writer still grieving and struggling with writer’s block or a wild and cavalier new vampire? Yes, those are my characters.


That got me to thinking, where in the world did I come up with unusual characters like that and can people relate to them. Certainly, there are bits and pieces that I plucked from my experiences with others and to a lesser degree (at least with some) there are parts of myself interspersed in the pages of each book. However, I do wonder if they are relatable and thus would a reader wish to emulate that character?


That led me to a new tangent (I am very haphazard in my thought processes, come on y’all know that about me already). Even when a character is so different from who we are, when I am reading I can sometimes find something about that character I am able to relate to. Human emotions are often universal. We all feel grief, excitement, attraction, love, anger, disdain, and so much more that my tired brain can’t think of at this moment. So, could a person relate so strongly with any one or all of those emotions and decide to become that character? It is an interesting question.


If I had a choice of becoming any one of my characters, it would be Toni from Asset Management. She is smart and sexy. The real bonus is her pseudo occupation (and boy would I love to steal from the rich and give back to people in need). I think I’ll pass on all the others. I just need someone to show me how to make that special camera and Robin Hood, lesbian style here I come…None of you would turn me into the authorities, would you?


If you want to know about all the characters from my books that I listed so that you can choose from the motley bunch, by all means, click on the links below to choose a book, any book!  Next week I promise to talk about “do it yourself” grooming, the lesbian way…thanks Darla for the idea.

Affinity Author Page         Amazon Author Page


2 thoughts on “Becoming Toni….

  1. Once again a great blog. Toni is and excellent pick, but I choose Carla from Locked Inside. She dared to love what some people would consider the unlovable. She has so much compassion and inner strength I envy that.


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